Aviraté goes global

April 2014| 140 views

Models showcasing designs from Aviraté

Models showcasing designs from Aviraté

Aviraté, the fashion provider will step in to the global market by expanding their services this year to Canada and South East Asia, mainly focusing on Singapore and Indonesia.

“Why we are going global is because we have the guts to be with the environment changing ourselves every time and bringing about new ranges, which our customers want,” said Jagdish Chawla, Global CEO – Aviraté.

The Aviraté team also takes pride in launching their latest “Ponte Pants” collection. Fashioned with Viscose fabric to fit perfectly, the Ponte pants are light and comfortable. The collection comes in five different colours and is suitable for both formal and casual wear. Ponte pants come as pull-up pants without zips or buttons.Aviraté believes that the Ponte Pants collection will support the path towards a global reach out and will challenge the best in retailers.

Mobile Wallet Share, Mobile Store Emergence or Pop-Up stores are a few technological methods Aviraté is focusing on to expand their services worldwide.

Aviraté Spring Summer Collection 2014 was launched and is available at all stores in Sri Lanka and India with 160 new styles. The collection will come in five different themes fashioned with different fabrics providing customers a variety to choose from.