In The Comfort Of The Kodigaha

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The dining room of the main building

The dining room of the main building

The call of the birds and the soft rustling of leaves as the countless trees swayed gently in the breeze, called us forth to explore the enchanting expanse that unfolded before us… Treading the interweaving pathways that wove through the Kodigala Nature Resort in Tissamaharama, we set about discovering the charms of this space that imparted an equal dose of nature and hospitality. 

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Menaka Aravinda

A turn along the Tissamaharama-Kataragama Road brought us to the Kodigaha Nature Resort, huddled at the footsteps of the Kodigaha Mountain and Wewa.We caught glimpses of structures scattered amongst the foliage that grew in abundance and made our way to the main building, which acted as a reception area. An open verandah and an enclosed dining area comprised the ground floor while a flight of stairs led upwards to an open deck that overlooked the Resort grounds. Spread across two and a half acres, the Kodigaha Nature Resort is fashioned as a cabin styled abode that imparts plenty of comforts and privacy for guests to indulge in a memorable vacation.

Eager to explore our surroundings, we set along a tiled pathway bordered at various points by trees and shrubs, stopping now and then to take a look inside a few cabins. Equipped with a total of eight cabins—four single rooms, two double rooms, a family cabin and a cabin fashioned as a dormitory, the Resort has ample space while allowing the guests to roam around freely enjoying the surroundings. From all the cabins available, perhaps the dormitory, which is able to accommodate eight guests would be a favourite among many due to the novel concept adopted. Built across two floors, the upper floor consists of the bedroom, which does not have any windows, allowing the cooling breeze to swirl through. Further, the Dormitory boasts of an incredible view where one would be able to savour the beauty of the Kodigaha Lake and the environs beyond.

The interior of the cabins are a fusion of rough textures and smooth surfaces with demure colours such as wooden tones, blues and whites while the exterior facade made with a mixture of cement and wood took on vibrant hues such as bright yellow, purple, blue and pink. Fashioned based on a minimal approach, the cabins relay ease and an amiable atmosphere that makes one feel at home with its simplistic yet soothing aspects.

The Kodigaha Nature Resort include three menus where guests  can select their preference and enjoy a feast either at the dining room, within their rooms or any other place of their choice around the periphery. However, guests also have the option of bringing along dry rations and requesting the in-house chef to prepare what they desire. Further, the Resort is an ideal base for those who wish to explore best of what Southern Sri Lanka has to offer as it is located close to many popular attractions such as Yala, Bundala, Kataragama, historic temples of Tissamaharama, Kirinda and much more.

Going through a small gate located at the back of the property we made our way to the Kodigaha Wewa bordering the Resort. Waves gently lapped at the small shore while the surrounding allure held us all captive in its grasp where the gentle wind was a constant companion amidst the southern heat. For a long moment we just stood still immersed in the silence, punctuated only by the occasional call of a bird, monkey and the sound of the waves. Shading our eyes against the sun we observed cranes, appearing to be nothing more than small white dots in the distance swoop low and then take to the skies yet again. To our right the Kodigaha Mountain, ideal for treks for those who crave some close by adventure, dominated the area, engulfed in green.

As we took our leave, revelling in the perfect interlude that the Kodigaha Nature Resort presented we reminisced that one can easily get lost in the beauty and tranquillity encircling the periphery, making one reluctant to depart…


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