HILTON COLOMBO: A time for change

April 2014| 672 views

Daniel Leah, Executive Chef

Daniel Leah, Executive Chef

Hilton Colombo with a legacy of nearly three decades has established a strong presence in the heart of Colombo. And in a journey to maintain and fortify that presence further, the Hotel is all geared up to begin an extensive refurbishment project encompassing all aspects from its structure to food and beverage while continuing its usual operations. Kapila Mohotti, Food and Beverage Manager and Daniel Leah, Executive Chef of Hilton Colombo reveal the changes that would take place in the Hotel in terms of cuisine where they seek to impart an even more distinctive experience in the future.

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Indika De Silva

Hilton Colombo having stood in the foreground of Colombo’s hospitality sector for 27 years and with the current rejuvenation in the tourism industry, plans are afoot to breathe new life to this iconic structure in the midst of Colombo. As part of this expansive renovation set to take place, the cuisine of Hilton, an integral element that attracts countless guests will experience a revival that is bound to convey a complete transformation of the current layout and choices available.

“In the next five years we will see a great difference in the hospitality industry in terms of the experience provided,” said Kapila Mohotti relaying the aspiration behind the refurbishment of Hilton Colombo. “Therefore, we have to plan ahead and look at the next 15 years. Having been in Colombo for the last 27 years we understand the Sri Lankan culture, their beliefs and likes. As such, based on our experience and understanding, we have positioned our future F&B concepts and restaurants to portray the best.” The hotel will focus on providing exclusive outlets at its premises and as such the current number of nine outlets will be reduced to six where quality will be given prominence.

All refurbishment activities would be carried out while the Hotel remains open, altering their course and venues depending on the areas that will be renovated and informing the general public well ahead of those times

Future cuisine include Asian, Chinese, Sushi, Sashimi, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Sri Lankan and many more that draw inspiration from around the globe to impart a gastronomical journey for the discerning clientele. Further, a cafe for scrumptious pastries and savouries along with flavoursome beverages, a la carte options as well as all-day dining are some of the options that Hilton intends to implement to enrich the culinary experience of guests.

“We plan to convey a more modern sense to the planned restaurants and all other aspects of food and beverage,” said Daniel Leah explaining the future concepts in store for the Food and Beverage section of the hotel. “The outlook of the hotel’s cuisines would be very different from what it is now. Furthermore, we are striving for a simple yet modern appeal in terms of architecture. Therefore, I believe that after we are done with the refurbishment, there will not be another hotel that is more modern and trendier than the Hilton. The area that will include the restaurants will be opened up and everything will be more interactive. Hilton as a global brand is refining its Food and Beverages section the world over and in Sri Lanka as well, we are removing all the unnecessary factors to simplify and improve further.”

The Hotel is well on its way to realising and altering according to these necessary changes that come along with the new concepts of F&B where they have already started recruiting skilled chefs from the local and international arenas. All refurbishment activities will be carried out while the Hotel remains open, altering their course and venues depending on the areas that will be renovated and informing the general public well ahead of those times.

“We will do the renovation while the hotel is still in operation,” said  Kapila Mohotti. “We will operate two restaurants at a time and people will have access as the property has two entrances from two different roads.”

Much can be expected from the timely adjustments and improvements that Hilton plans to undertake in the near future. While they hope to retain some aspects that clients have come to love through the years, they are focusing on conveying a whole new experience that will endear the hotel to the patrons even more for years to come.


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