Mount Lavinia Hotel Spices Up With “Crack A Crab”

April 2014| 182 views

A freshly prepared crab dish served at the Crack a Crab

A freshly prepared crab dish served at the Crack a Crab

Mount Lavinia Hotel held its annual Crack A Crab promotion, spicing up fresh crab and seafood dishes in an array of different flavours to choose from.

The menu consisted of Jaffna Style Crab Curry, Red Curry with “Moringa” Leaves, Devilled Crab, Pepper Crab, Crab Ambulthiyal and Kiri-Kos, Hot Chilli and Garlic Crab, Steamed Crab and Pepper and Ginger Crab. Guests who graced the event praised the newest crab dishes to be distinctive and delightful.

“The uniqueness about this is, you can have crab as much as you want. You start with one and end with another. It is a rustic and fun event where you get to eat crab with all your friends and family. It is not about eating in a luxurious way, it is about being the way you want to be. You feel comfortable and free when you are having a luxurious meal at the beach, under the stars. That is the uniqueness we offer,” said Asanka Karunaratne, Executive Sous Chef – Mount Lavinia Hotel.

The crab dishes were made in different styles to bring out the diverse seafood flavours available throughout the country, offering all those who participated in the event a one-of-a-kind experience.