Masterpieces of timeless elegance from Ayura

May 2014| 305 views

Ayura jewellery store at Fortress Hotel, Koggala

Ayura jewellery store at Fortress Hotel, Koggala

The bewitchingly beautiful handcrafted jewellery and precious gemstones from Ayura boast of exquisite craftsmanship and unmatched quality. With a proud heritage that traces its roots back to four generations, this age-old jeweller strives to provide the best for their customers.

The Ayura showroom at the Fortress Hotel, Koggala showcases a collection of charmingly unique designs awaiting the indulgence of discerning jewellery lovers. The store exudes a soothing, opulent ambience that complements the striking jewellery pieces.

Whether it is in gold, white gold or silver, the artful embedding of lustrous gemstones and diamonds on precious metals give birth to unique pieces that are the epitome of elegance. Each intricate design is carefully handcrafted by passionate designers and craftsmen and can also be customised to suit the requirements of the customers.

As such, the brand of Ayura is synonymous with superior quality and originality of design.