Indulge In The Fine Tastes From China At THE PEACH VALLEY

June 2014| 690 views

The exterior of Peach Valley

The exterior of Peach Valley

Finely cooked and dressed dishes of Crab, Fish and Lobster, the simply arranged interior, moments of happiness shared among the gathered and a friendly atmosphere. The Peach Valley Chinese Restaurant thus opens its doors for all to enjoy a truly wonderful dining experience. 

Words Himansa Herath Photographs Indika De Silva

The name Peach Valley bears a similar meaning to the word Paradise in Chinese. And the Peach Valley Chinese Restaurant, which began its journey in 1999, aims to create a dining ambience akin to a paradise for all Chinese food lovers.

As one ascends the steps of the restaurant, a unique Chinese statue greets one, inviting all to explore and embrace the distinctiveness of the edifice. The reception at the restaurant is decorated with distinct Chinese portraits and ornaments that embody a story of its own. 

The ground and the first floor welcomes one to neatly designed dining spaces that are perfect for leisurely feasts. Comfortable leather dining chairs are arranged meticulously around circular dining tables, offering a pleasant expanse where guests can enjoy and unwind, while indulging in delectable dishes that tantalise their taste buds. 

Take a look at the Peach Valley menu and one will notice that it is not only about enjoying Chinese food but also realising that they are prepared according to the highest standards. And as such the restaurant leaves a deep impression in the guests’ minds due to the authenticity of the signature dishes made. The team of Chefs at Peach Valley is ever ready to serve the guests with the finest Chinese dishes prepared according to various preparation methods such as Cantonese, Shanghai and Szechuan where customers can satiate their palate with select dishes chosen from an array of delectable cuisines.  

Take a look at the Peach Valley menu and one will notice that it is not only about enjoying Chinese food but also realising that they are prepared according to the highest standards

The variety of cuisine at the restaurant is vast. A popular dish amongst many who visit the restaurant is the Hong Kong style Crab. Further, Hot Butter Cuttlefish and the Spicy Honey Pork are some of the other unique dishes that are favourites among guests while the Singaporean Chilli Crab, Malaysian Fish Head Curry, Steam Pork with Salt Vegetables and Szechuan style spicy food are a few other signature dishes that highlight the Peach Valley name. 

 No meal is complete without tasting a fine and delectable dessert as a finishing touch. As such many guests enter the threshold of Peach Valley for its mouth-watering dessert selection. The Biscuit Pudding, sweet Watalappan and Caramel Pudding are the most preferred desserts as they present a taste of Sri Lanka that is unmatchable. 

The Staff and the Chefs at the restaurant deliver a warm service, ensuring that every need of the guests are fulfilled. It is their hope that all those who visit Peach Valley enjoy every minute of their dining experience. “We get customers of diverse nationalities. Many other expatriates and diplomats also dine with us. All those who come to our restaurant know the speciality of our food. Our plan is to expand our menu with the addition of new dishes and provide a better service to our clients. We have been in business for more than ten years now and we can say that we are a high-class restaurant in Colombo,” says Jack Ye, Manager of the Peach Valley Chinese Restaurant. 

The peach Valley Chinese restaurant is exceptional in its own way. Dining spaces that speak of quality, the leisurely atmosphere, the level of service and attention provided by the staff and most of all the aromatic and luscious authentic Chinese cuisine to satisfy one’s palate make this restaurant a great place to enjoy a scrumptious culinary journey. So why wait? Step in  and enjoy an unforgettable dining moment.

27, Flower Road 

Colombo 7

Tel: (+94 11) 267 2888