Yue Chuan: A Contemporary Chinese Dining Experience

June 2014| 455 views

Soft colours infused with darker tones conveys a touch of luxury—one of the private dining rooms

Soft colours infused with darker tones conveys a touch of luxury—one of the private dining rooms

A scrumptious aroma enveloped us as we stepped through the stately doors decorating the entrance of Yue Chuan at The Kingsbury. Elegance and sophistication imbued with soft and soothing colours poised a warm welcome, inviting all to partake in a dining experience
that is truly one-of-a-kind. 

Words Krishani Pieris  Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Walking down the short corridor next to the lobby of Kingsbury, on the ground floor, one would be first greeted by the golden plate that reads Yue Chuan before being directed through the doors by the Chinese Hostess who proffers a warm welcome. However, a significant feature of Yue Chuan is that unlike the other restaurants at The Kingsbury, one could enter the restaurant directly from outside through its second entrance. Once inside, the soothing ambience heightened by the soft glow of the lights and the beautiful decor draws one in presenting an expanse that one could relax and unwind.

“Many do not think that a Chinese restaurant can provide a fine dining experience,” said Kithsiri De Silva, Executive Chef at The Kingsbury. “Therefore, we wanted to bring that sophistication into our Chinese restaurant along with an oriental feel. As such Yue Chuan is all about providing a contemporary Chinese dining experience.” 

Presenting a much desirable contrast from the usual colour of red that one would associate with a Chinese restaurant, Yue Chuan’s colour scheme showcases mellow tones such as white, yellow and gold while dark tones such as black and a touch of green thrown in with the furniture provides an air of elegance and modernity. The folding Chinese fans painted in gold against the black backdrop infuses a sense of antiquity taking one perhaps back to the dignified Song or Ming Dynasties. In the background, the engaging melody of the Chinese music completes the oriental touch. 

Spaciously arrayed, the seating area of the restaurant can accommodate 85 guests including the two private dining rooms that present an ideal setting for a close and intimate gathering. Each room is embellished with distinct motifs conveying a slightly different feel though the flowers and simplicity along with the golden illuminations make both rooms equally delightful. Be it a small gathering to celebrate an anniversary, promotion, birthday, business meeting or any other occasion, each room can seat around ten people and one would be able to commemorate their special occasion amidst the comfort of their loved ones. 

Specialising in Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine, Yue Chuan puts much emphasis on authenticity going the extra mile to bring down almost all ingredients used in the dishes from China. As such within the glass fronted kitchen, the two Chinese Chefs, with extensive experience, whip up delicious Cantonese and Szechuan styled dishes along with the assistance of an equally talented team of chefs. Though the menu, comprised of à la carte and set menus, does not include an exhaustive range of dishes, it is well thought and planned to include dishes that bespeaks exceptional taste and quality. The most popular dishes include Kung Pao Chicken, Hot Butter Cuttlefish and Pecking Duck where the genuine flavour of all dishes prepared will attest to the uniqueness of each dish.  As such, it is the taste, ranging from savoury delectables to tangy yet succulent dishes that distinguishes Yue Chuan where each dish is a gastronomical delight that should be indulged many times over. 

Come every weekend, guests would be able to enjoy Dim Sum, a traditional Cantonese ritual involving bite sized dumplings, along with Chinese Tea, served throughout the meal, making the whole experience even more exclusive. Called Yum Cha, this special cuisine will take each guest on a most welcome gastronomical journey. Further, professionals who work close by to The Kingsbury, have the opportunity of indulging in a fine dining experience at Yue Chuan, comprising of quality and flavoursome dishes that is prepared swiftly paying attention to the time constraint.

“We have a staff of nearly 30, including the chefs and a Chinese Hostess that caters to guests who may have communication issues,” said Chef De Silva. “If the guests have difficulty understanding the terms and descriptions on the menu, our chefs or staff would explain to them how it is cooked, served, the size of the portion, and how much one should order.Further, if needed we can also recommend accompanying dishes, wines and any other beverage that would suit the main dish ordered.” 

Adding a touch of originality, Yue Chuan recently introduced a special brand of Sake, with a stronger taste, to complement the tangy and savoury taste of the Chinese cuisine served. Brought down from Japan, the Sake with Chinese dishes would indeed provide a distinct experience. As such from time to time Yue Chuan strives to bring something new to their guests through various culinary fusions while preserving that authentic taste of China. 

Combining remarkable service with delectable cuisines and an enchanting ambience, Yue Chuan at The Kingsbury provides the perfect space to indulge in an excellent fare along with your friends, family or business partners!

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