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Cheese, with a history that dates back as far as 5,500 BCE, is a snack that is loved by all—be it young or old. Commonly paired with other snacks such as crackers or beverages such as wines, the tradition of cheese has long prevailed to the delight of millions of connoisseurs.

Words Hansani Bandara  Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

The topic of cheese is vast and broad, for there are many varieties of it available in different parts of the world. However, Holland in particular is known for its fine dairy products. The most commonly known and main types of Dutch cheese are Gouda, aged Gouda, goat and sheeps milk cheese and Edam cheese.

Gouda cheese is usually mild in flavour and has a soft creamy texture, due to which children fall in love with this type of cheese. It can be used to add flavour to a recipe or enjoyed as a delicious snack paired with beers or wines. Aged Gouda, with its sharp taste has a more firm texture when cut. Gouda aged to perfection has small pockets of crystals due to the crystallisation of lactic acid. These crystals thus add a crunchy taste to the cheese. Cheese made from goats milk has a firm texture and is easily digested than cow’s milk cheese. Hence people who control their lactose intake prefer this type of cheese. Edam cheese, which is consumed best as an appetiser, has a low fat content to that of cheddar cheese, making it a healthy and nutritious snack. 

The Mega Trading Company imports a range of specialty cheeses from the Cheeseland Inc of Holland, that can be used in a wide range of culinary preparations. 

Gooda® with Mustard Seeds

Adding an excitement to the traditional cheese flavour, mustard seeds are added to give it a more tangy taste. The perfect combination of the mild and soft goodness of cheese with the strong flavour of mustard makes it all the more tastier. It is best served as an appetiser or in sandwiches.

Natural Smoked Cheese

Ideal for BBQ parties, with sandwiches or as an appetiser, natural smoked cheese gives a natural smooth and creamy texture. Made with pasteurised milk, salt, cheese culture, enzymes and annatto colour fused to the perfect recipe, Natural Smoked Cheese is smoked using real oakwood chips to add an authentic smoky flavour.

Dutch Vintage Aged Gouda

Aged to perfection, Dutch Vintage Aged Gouda has a strong flavour and taste and is popular among cheese connoisseurs due to its deep, rich and buttery feel. While it can be easily grated and used in a number of gourmet recipes, the perfect way to enjoy this cheese is as an appetiser.  

Processed Smoked Cheese

Cold smoked to perfection, much like natural smoked cheese,Processed Smoked Cheese too is a wonderful addition to a sandwich.

Mimolette Cheese

With a distinctive tangerine colour, this cheese is aged forabout nine months and thus hasa strong flavour with a fruity and nutty taste. Due to its colour,Mimolette cheese adds a creative touch to dishes. It can be used as cooking cheese and also as an appetiser.

Double Cream Cheese

Double Cream Cheese is made by adding extra cream to milk.With a soft texture that melts beautifully, this cheese is best used for making creamy cheese sauces, omelettes and various desserts.

Gooda® With Walnuts

Another mild textured type of cheese, as the name goes, this cheese has a blissful addition of walnuts to add to its sweet milky taste. Gooda® with Walnuts is best served as an appetiser or on a dessert tray with a variety of fruits. 

Edam Cheese

Another ancient member of the Dutch cheese family, Edam cheese gets its name from the famous town of Edam in Holland. The taste of Edam cheese is very mild, slightly salty and nutty. This type of cheese is best served as an appetiser. 

But what is more important when it comes to enjoying cheese is that it can be enjoyed as a family—be it at breakfast, tea time or dinner, which must be the reason why this delicious snack still continues to be a favourite of all. 

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