At 7° North

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The strikingly stylish interior of 7° North by evening

The strikingly stylish interior of 7° North by evening

The gentle green fluid in the tall glass has an effervescence that exudes a stunning sight. The taste of passion fruit, mint, apple and lime fused into a drink bring out the piquancy of the ingredients and the intensity of many flavours that ignites the senses with a gusto that is uplifting. The South African Mocktail with its signature luminosity and taste is a sure winner among regulars at 7° North, a popular place to chill out at the Cinnamon Lakeside in Colombo. 

Words Jennifer Paldano Goonewardena

The South African Mocktail was first concocted for the visiting South African cricket team in 2012. Since then, it has been sought after by a great number of its patrons. Many are the lustrous and delicious infusions that have been meticulously blended to create a choice of mocktails. The warmth that comes with the sizzling South African Mocktail says it all. 7° North is a place to visit for its extraordinary design; it boasts of comfort that is very urbane and chic. Situated upon a top deck with a view over the Beira Lake, 7° North is definitely the location to unwind and take it easy after a hectic day’s work or as a breather in-between work or as a deserved time out in the weekend with friends and family.

Complementing the theme at 7° North is the food that is dished-out. Like the atypical ambience that takes away the staidness of fine dining, the Spanish cuisines are a trademark that kindles this place with an aura, allowing the young and the old to lounge in the comfy sofas as the aroma of Tapas float in the air. Tapas are an appetiser cum snack in Spanish cuisine and the taste has been personalised to suit the Sri Lankan palate. Be it Gambas Al Ajillo made of shrimps in garlic and white wine or Mollete with Marinated Pork Loin, tapas are delectable snacks that are ideal before a main meal. The wide range of tapas is not only scrumptious, but also striking in preparations of small portions. From marinated vegetables to varieties of seafood such as shrimp, anchovies, squid, sardines, mussels and mackerel to chicken and pork are used in a fine blend of aromatic culinary leaves, cheese and sauces. Aioli is a popular accompaniment—a traditional sauce often served with seafood and made of garlic, olive oil, lemon juice and egg yolks. The Spanish rice dish Paella is said to embody the flavour of Spain, which is made with different ingredients, but seafood is the most popular at 7° North. 

Open to guests from 12 noon to midnight from Monday to Thursday and until 02:00 a.m. on other days, 7° North becomes one of the most ‘happening places’ by night. With demonstrations of mixology perfected to professionalism that puts on show, the skill and technique of the mixologist, great mocktails are prepared in an atmosphere of amusement and energy. This swish movement produces the most, colourful and sweet yet sour mocktails that can be accompanied by appetisers such as fried seafood infused in aromatic Aioli.   

Another specialty feature at 7° North is the daily theme nights, starting with the Monday Blues and the Ladies Night on Thursday and the Guys Night on Saturday. 

The evenings naturally bring about a lively atmosphere complemented with a calm sombreness—a combination that radiates from the intimacy of the lake and the surrounding trees, and the live music, which range from calypso, reggae to jazz. The Latin Barbecue Night on Sunday is a treat of Mediterranean cuisine with meats and soups prepared according to special Latin recipes, with a variety of food stations offering patrons endless means of indulgence in food and beverages. 

The shifting landscape from twilight to darkness at 7° North offers the best setting for unwinding. The picture of the lake-front embodies the tranquillity of nature, while complementing the easy liveliness of the interior. If the idea is to loosen up tired limbs and invigorate the heart and soul, what better way than a glass of chilled Muscle Hunk, a mocktail that combines fresh mango and fresh orange juice with Red Bull. At least the ladies know what works best for them. 

 Tel: (+94 11) 249 1948