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Elephants in varying postures and made of numerous materials take centre stage

Elephants in varying postures and made of numerous materials take centre stage

As Kandy holds the attention of a nation and perhaps even beyond, Luv SL by Odel is all geared up to impart some handy souvenirs and mementos—some commemorating the Esala Perahera while others celebrating all things Sri Lankan. 

Words Krishani Peiris

Odel Luv SL is situated in the confines of the Queen’s Hotel, located right across from the Dalada Maligawa. Stepping through the glass doorway of the store, dark tones complemented with the sombre glow of the yellow light create a cosy ambience inviting a visitor to leisurely peruse through the many items in store. Floors and walls clad in wood imparts a feel where one could imagine themselves treading through the ancient city of Kandy, albeit the peculiar items lining the shelves on either side. Above, the uniformity of the timber clad ceiling is broken by the vibrant flower designs patterned at intervals while the countless products spread across the showroom tempt a visitor to go in quest of that perfect gift or souvenir.

Luv SL, a one-stop-shopping destination for souvenirs that embody the persona of Sri Lanka, is all about conveying the warmth and love of the country to all travellers, be it local or foreign. Situated not only in Kandy, but also at the Dutch Hospital, Colombo, Galle and Negombo, each store seeks to provide a distinctive experience. Elephants made of wood, porcelain, glass, brass and more in numerous postures captured in playful stills, cuddly soft toys, mugs, bags, glittery key chains, T-shirts with Sri Lankan motifs, dainty jewellery boxes, wind chimes, small pens, pencils and stationary items in quirky colours and expressions and much more fill every step of the way, never letting one’s mind to stay idle. Spices, famed Ceylon tea and bottled goodies also have a space of their own to ensnare the occasional food lover that would wander through. 

However, come August, the hill capital, particularly Kandy, is set ablaze with the fervour of the Esala Perahera and a special display arrayed with items dedicated to represent the Perahera season is the focal point at the Luv SL store. Colourful T-shirts and batik designs portraying various aspects of the Perahera, elephants made of polyraisin and decked with 22 carat gold, enchanting ornaments of ‘Ves’ dancers, and paper tole designs to be mounted on walls among other objects will undoubtedly hold the interest of any who grace the Luv SL store in Kandy. Another unique aspect of this collection is that most of the items are crafted by Sri Lankan artists who had breathed life into the designs to express the beauty and diversity of the Perahera. 

Luv SL Kandy further has corners dedicated for popular brands of Odel such as Embark for doggy lovers, Backstage for lovely accessories and casual wear as well. All items are arrayed to display their finest points where the interior walls blend to highlight the articles on display. As such, the pale light glinting off the myriad of items deftly arrayed draws the attention, bidding one to explore to their hearts’ content and take home a memento to remind one of the precious memories experienced in this Island nation. 

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