It’s ‘Summer’ Licious’ 2014 At Harpo’s Cafés And Restaurants

August 2014| 72 views

One of the desserts at The Commons

One of the desserts at The Commons

The ‘Summer’licious’ promotion continues through August at the Bay Leaf, The Commons, Park Street Mews, Curve Bar, Colombo Fort Café and Harpo’s pizza.

“With many on holiday, and holidaymakers from overseas travelling to visit families and enjoying what we have to offer, we felt it’s the ideal time and a great promotion to focus on vibrant salads, fruity desserts and light main meals, best eaten al fresco with special menus. ‘Summer’licious’ is all about food, drinks and music; sending happy vibes for all to enjoy,” stated Harpo Gooneratne, Managing Director.

The promotion comes together with a range of unique dishes and desserts for the taste connoisseurs.