Embark begins work in Jaffna

September 2014| 266 views

Otara Gunewardene, Founder – Embark addresses the media in Jaffna

Otara Gunewardene, Founder – Embark addresses the media in Jaffna

Odel’s Embark launched the Jaffna Animal Protection Project to reduce rabies and humanely manage the population of stray dogs in collaboration with the Jaffna Municipal Council. The programme is carried out at the request of the Jaffna Municipal Council.

Embark partnered with two other animal welfare organisations, Dogstar Foundation and the Tsunami Animal-People Alliance to run a catch-neuter-vaccinate-release programme targeting 3,500 street dogs. The project has also received support for its sterilisation work from Foundation Brigitte Bardot, a leading animal protection organisation in France.

Foundation Brigitte Bardot, which has more than 70,000 members across the globe, protecting animals from exploitation and cruelty, will also support Embark’s upcoming programme in Sigiriya.

Otara Gunewardene, Founder – Embark and Odel said, “when we received the request from the Jaffna Municipal Council, we felt it was an opportunity to take our message of compassion to street dogs and harmonious coexistence to this region, which has not been exposed to Embark. We have been greatly encouraged in the past by the keen interest of adults as well as children in the communities we have served.”

The first phase of the programme will be followed by a series of educational programmes to spread awareness in the community, through Jaffna schools. Embark also hopes to extend programmes to other areas of the Jaffna District with the support of local authorities.