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Mohamed Fahim, Fitness Pro at BT Active creating waves with the MMA Rope

Mohamed Fahim, Fitness Pro at BT Active creating waves with the MMA Rope

A full work-out at BT Active includes an exhilarating session using the MMA rope, where your unused muscles gear into action!

Words Udeshi Amarasinghe Photographs Indika De Silva

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a high intensity sport, which requires a person to be an all-round athlete. Strength, power and endurance are essential and one method that is utilised to achieve this level of fitness is exercises done using the MMA Rope. At BT Active these exercises are incorporated into circuit training so that it provides an alternate to the more traditional forms using free-weights. However, what is unique about the MMA Rope is that it gets you to workout the small muscles that cannot be reached through usual exercises.

The MMA Rope has a width of 15 inches for a strong grip and can vary in length from 30ft to 90ft. The rope can be arranged around a pole so that there are equal lengths on both sides for movement exercises. While there are a number of movements to work different types of muscles especially in the upper body, variations that involve the lower body can entail a full body workout. Even a small change in the movement of the rope can make a big difference where the frequency and intensity of the waves created would mean that targeted muscles are given a good workout. Even if one does only upper body movements with the MMA Rope, cardio too is improved with strengthening of muscles.

The starting position for MMA Rope exercises is to stand facing the rope, feet apart with hip and knees slightly bent. Then gather the two ends of the rope by each hand, relax your body and then begin the stipulated movements. Generally each exercise should be done for a duration of 30 seconds x 3. Upper body movements include double slam variations where both arms are worked out and will enhance both power and endurance. Furthermore, waves can be generated by both arms together or where movements are done by the right and left alternatively, which ensures that muscles of both arms are worked out. Usually when a movement is done by both arms the stronger one would be used more. However, by doing alternate waves this can be avoided. Variations to upper body movements can be done by changing the standing position. Other movements include double and single outside circles.

Jumping jacks that focus on the lower body together with upper body rope movements entail in a full workout. Another variation is where side squats are done on each side with waves. All movements, either as stand alone upper body exercises or variations with lower body exercises, will develop the endurance, strength and power/speed of a person, this is what is essential for an MMA athlete. However, there are no restrictions to use the MMA Rope, and a person does not have to be an MMA fighter. This is an effective method of improving ones fitness and while it may seem difficult at first, you can have fun while engaging in the MMA Rope workout.

As I continued with my circuit training at BT Active that included a routine with the MMA Rope, I could not help but feel a sense of accomplishment that was exhilarating. If you want to improve your endurance, strength and speed, the MMA Rope is definitely the way to go!