It’s a whole new experience while you wine and dine at The Kingsbury

September 2014| 98 views

Guests indulged in a calm and pleasant environment

Guests indulged in a calm and pleasant environment

The Kingsbury offers irresistible wine and dine offers at the Hotel’s very own authentic Chinese Restaurant, Yue Chuan, as well as at the Pool Café, The Ocean, The Kings and the Harbour Court.

The Yue Chuan serves Szechuan and Cantonese dishes, prepared with much attention to flavourful detail. And the Harbour Court encompasses a whole range of international cuisine fit to satisfy any palate. The Pool Café, which overlooks the magnificent swimming pool, serves an eclectic mix of food, ranging from Black Rock Grill to the delicious Cheese Fondue. The Ocean serves the freshest seafood made. The Kings is ideal for sheer comfort, conversations and the most delicious impromptu nourishment of the pub grub kind.

Sit back and sip on an invigorating glass of wine and enjoy your meal.