New Indian chef in town: Cinnamon Grand welcomes Chef Kadhir

October 2014| 137 views

Chef M Kadhiranan

Chef M Kadhiranan

Chutneys is acknowledged as Sri Lanka’s first five-star South Indian restaurant offering specialities from the four primary states of South India—Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Enjoy the daily fare turned out by our new Chef from South India Chef M Kadhiranan, whose memories are laced with the thick aroma of garam masala and other exotic ingredients from his rich Indian culinary heritage.

Although his experience as a chef is only ten years, his involvement of cooking South Indian fare goes way back. After moving to Malaysia to work for the restaurant chain, Passage Thru India he managed to grow his expertise and went on to manage Mumbai Grill, a subsidiary of Passage Thru India within a year.

“Chutneys offer a spread of dishes, featuring the best regional specials of the four states of South India. This means I can really show Sri Lankans truly authentic dishes in the regions without any barriers,” he said.