Polonnaruwa Rest House rebranded Lake House Polonnaruwa

October 2014| 438 views

Grilled Lake Fish

Grilled Lake Fish

The old Polonnaruwa Rest House, which was managed by the Ceylon Hotels Corporation has been rebranded The Lake House. It was recently restored to portray the inherent characteristics of the past, a tribute to all things traditional, with a modern feel to it.

The Lake House is back in action with the rice and curry luncheon that sits as the epitome of a trip to Polonnaruwa. Not only are the lake fish and freshwater lobster dishes tasty, but they are also the signature items of Chef Thusitha’s menu plan at the Lake House, the rice and curry luncheon is not complete without the synonyms of the area being highlighted in the meal.

Two items that could be tasted whilst you are in Polonnaruwa are the Ruhunu Rata Jumbo Catla, popular in the Sea of Parakrama and as delicious as it sounds when grilled. Polonnaruwa’s Sea of Parakrama makes for a veritable paradise for culinary fans of freshwater seafood and Chef Thusitha makes his very own favourite with the freshwater lobster. The Lake House Polonnaruwa is a resort, which comes under the wing of the Galle Face Hotels Group.