Raux Brothers launches Maison De Raux at Galle Fort

October 2014| 903 views

The Maison De Raux at Galle Fort

The Maison De Raux at Galle Fort

The newly opened Maison De Raux by the Raux Brothers occupies a quiet niche along Pedlars Street within the Galle Fort precincts. Comprising of three storeys, the dining areas lie adjacent to shopping spaces that house Raux Brothers’ signature collections of antiques and souvenirs including ceramic ware, ornamental showpieces and other eclectic selections.

The Maison De Raux invites tourists and visitors to Galle Fort to unwind with the choicest dishes to suit connoisseurs of food, and a broad selection includes both western and Sri Lankan fare. Appetisers include Chicken Quesadilla, Coconut Prawn and salads such as Waldorf Drop Salad, which can be followed by Rice and curry, Fetuccine Alfredo, Mutton Vindaloo, Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast, Stuffed Chicken, Sesame Crusted Grilled Tuna and Beef Tenderloin among the Entrees. Wood Apple Mousse, Apple Crumble and Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream are among a choice of delectable servings for dessert. The menu extends to cater to the palates of younger guests with Spaghetti with cheese sauce, Mini Burger and fresh fries among favourites of kids. The diners can also opt to dine at the rooftop overlooking the captivating vistas of the Galle Fort.

While both Sri Lankan and western breakfast options are also available, the Maison De Raux accommodates two tastefully furnished standard deluxe double rooms opening its doors as a bed and breakfast as well.

The restaurant is open to diners daily from 8am to 9pm.