‘Migratory Season’ has begun

November 2014| 138 views

Indian Pitta

Indian Pitta

The season of migrant birds, begins from mid-October and ends in mid-April the following year. But remarkably, this year it started in September, earlier than usual.

‘The Other Corner’ became the first to record the arrival of Forest Wag Tail and Indian Pitta for this year according to avifauna organisations here in Sri Lanka. They were on the watch to record the arrival of the ‘Orange Headed Thrush’, as the Indian Pitta and Orange Headed Thrush arrive together. But this season the Indian Pitta was recorded as the first to visit.

In addition, hundreds of Baya Weaver birds have started nesting in and around The Other Corner. By October we expect the arrival of more species of avifauna in this area including the aquatic birds.