The Mumzcare Experience Store

November 2014| 757 views

Maternity wear available at Mumzcare

Maternity wear available at Mumzcare, the digital-aid to parents in Sri Lanka, opened its first outlet—the ‘Mumzcare Experience Store’ at Thimbirigasyaya road. The Store offers a selected range of products catering to mother and baby care needs.

The establishment of the store is a result of careful research conducted through to identifying the preferences of parents and parents-to-be. And one of the key concerns identified was the lack of maternity wear available in the market, especially for working mothers.

“I am proud to say that we carry the best range of maternity wear available in Sri Lanka,” statesd Chirantha Wijayatilake, CEO – Mumzcare.

Maternity wear brands—Sista and Cherry Wrap are exclusively available at the Mumzcare Experience Store. A unique benefit offered to pregnant mothers is to have their in-store purchase delivered to their home within 24hours. Mumzcare also hopes to utilise its unique tri-lingual information bank of to educate parents on the different aspects of parenting.

The primary aim of mumzcare is to offer savings, convenience and knowledge that parents can reinvest on their children, stated Wijayatilake. “With the feedback and levels of interaction experienced so far, I am delighted to know we are on the right track.”