Sparkles of Colour

November 2014| 1,240 views

Aloe Antique necklaces and earrings

Aloe Antique necklaces and earrings

It is a paradise of jewellery that all women are fond of, with colourful hues and arty designs, and flowers embedded in little glittery pendants. Be it beads, pearls or gemstones set into unique designs, at Stone ‘N’ String, each piece of jewellery has an identity synonymous with creativity and quality.

Words Hansani Bandara Photographs Isuru Upeksha

The secret of creating beautiful pieces of jewellery at Stone ‘N’ String is getting just the right combination of colours and designing patterns that highlight and complement them. As such ‘Colours of the World’ by Stone ‘N’ String at Arcade Independence Square, is yet another novelty by this jewellery maker, whose ethos for 27 years has been to shape jewellery that will be treasured for generations. Walking through the enchanting corridors of this newest luxury shopping precinct in Colombo, the visitor will find ‘Colours of the World’ located on the first floor of the old Western Provincial Council building. There, a novel world of fascinating designs awaits the indulgence of discerning shoppers.

‘Colours of the World’ is a feast for the eyes. The spacious yet calm setting permits a potential purchaser to wander through in delight, enthralled at an aura that is pleasantly distinct from more mundane jewellery stores. Clients will feel that they are in the midst of an art gallery admiring works of art.

I peered into a cabinet where an assortment of intricately designed earrings sparkled at me. And without even realising, I was hypnotised by their beauty. Intrigued, I continued to walk around the store exploring further. Suddenly I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of two bewitchingly beautiful necklaces that reminded me of the exuberant jewellery worn by ancient queens. The Aloe Antiques – as they are called – involved sophisticated patterns interwoven with gold plated, coin-like pieces and beads; mystically beautiful antique necklaces and earrings.

Motifs made by entwining strings with precious and semi-precious gemstones, elaborately designed bridal jewellery that expresses elegance, and quirky yet exclusive pieces made using natural materials such as corals and seashells made for the youth who search for new identities, are some of the plethora of adornments in the store.

The ‘Attitude Collection’ is yet another imaginative approach by Stone ‘N’ String to cater to the diverse tastes of urban youth. Drawing inspiration from youth’s vibrant lifestyles and perspectives, this collection explores creativity using bold and simple patterns. Myriad selections of tie pins, cufflinks, bracelets and a host of other accessories by Divo, exclusively for men, imbue a sense of sophistication fused with glamour.

‘Colours of the World’ brings together passionate craftsmanship and a whirl of hues to captivate all who step into the store. It is one thought and one mind which acts as the impetus for any work of art, and at Stone ‘N’ String, flawless creations in line with global fashion trends, reveal their own story, exceeding the expectations of clients.

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