Cocktail Shisha at the Cloud Café

December 2014| 715 views

Cloud Café at the Colombo Courtyard

Cloud Café at the Colombo Courtyard

Shisha is the Arabic term for water-pipes in Arab countries, or the ‘hookah’ as many would be familiar with. The main facet about the subject of this particular Shisha, which you will get to read about, is the one which was recently introduced at the Cloud Café at Colombo Courtyard. Shisha, of course, is popular today in a number of fruity flavours. But, ‘Cocktail flavoured shisha’s’ have now come into being at the Cloud Café and is proudly, a first from Colombo Courtyard.

Colombo Courtyard is famed for its approach with innovative and novice products and services and our cocktail shisha is something that has to be tried and savoured. The best quality shisha was exclusively imported from Dubai and staff members are well trained on the method of assembling the shisha with precision. The Cloud Café offers the shisha with a cocktail based menu including a mix base of white spirits and a number of other types of cocktail mixes.

The prices are surprisingly affordable and two people can mellow down with one shisha with any amount of mouthpieces so that users don’t have to worry about hygiene issues.

The cocktail shisha is prepared professionally without a hint of any intense flavours and gives out a fascinatingly, calming effect when tried. Today, the shisha is definitely an entity that is evolving in many parts of the world and in the Sri Lankan context, the cocktail shisha’s at the Cloud Café at Colombo Courtyard has gained popularity, especially when incorporated into the nightlife culture.

The best part of getting to relish a cocktail shisha at the rooftop of the Cloud Café, is the lovely and soothing atmosphere that bonds well with it.