Fashion from Dilly and Carlo

December 2014| 598 views

Dilani Wijeyesekara, designer of renowned women’s brand ‘Dilly’ and Ajith Wijyesekara the creator of popular men’s line ‘Carlo’ collaborated to form Dilly and Carlo in 2012.

Commenting on the essence of Dilly and Carlo’s designs, Dilani explained, “Our style is known as ‘intelligent fashion’, equivalent to clothes that are well-cut and has a feel good appeal. The philosophy behind our creations is clear; how the clothes look like on a real person matters more than how it might look like in the store, on the catwalk or on a hanger,” she said.

Dilani also said that nature is her inspiration for the upcoming collection and that the hues made from indigo, saffron, venivalgata, blue and tea leaves are to be woven into fabric giving the wearer an intimacy with nature.