Mobitel’s ‘ONE’ fuel card solution at LAUGFS filling stations

December 2014| 683 views

Mobitel joined LAUGFS Holdings in an initiative to introduce an efficient Near Field Communication (NFC) based ‘ONE’ fuel card solution that could be used at all LAUGFS filling stations in the country.

The ‘ONE’ fuel card is a direct replacement of the manual fuel books and receipts. It has a unique transaction administration platform, which allows corporate customers to view all fuel transactions and settlement information. The inherent features of NFC technology permits transactions to take place in a secure, fast and efficient manner to ensure greater control and convenience for card users and administrators.

The system is guaranteed to be transparent and effective as it allows monitoring of fuel quotas for individuals and organisations with the facility to view every transaction online with detailed information such as date, time, location, vehicle number, quantity and the type of fuel.