Traditional Christmas Cake Mixing Ceremony

December 2014| 317 views

The commencement of the cake mixing ceremony

The commencement of the cake mixing ceremony

Dulip de Alwis, General Manager along with Gamini Thambugala, Executive Chef, Departmental Heads and the pastry kitchen staff participated in the Annual Christmas cake mixing of Grand Oriental Hotel.

All participants were handed gloves and chefs’ hats and Gamini Thambugala together with his crew, completed the mixing. Preserved ginger strips, fruits raisins, assorted nuts and sultans, black currants, candied marmalade peels, candied dark cherries and wines, rum and malt whisky were mixed in.

Grand Oriental Hotel is hosting festive events to celebrate this New Year and Christmas season including Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Day Lunch Dinner and New Years’ Eve Dinner Dance —“Harbour Trail 2014”, where “Sam the Man”, will perform melodies from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.