A Peaceful Getaway In Unawatuna

April 2015| 230 views

Relax and unwind at the garden where the ocean breeze blows by

Relax and unwind at the garden where the ocean breeze blows by

Situated three kilometres from Galle, along the paradise coastal stretch of the Island, Jolanka Resorts Unawatuna is a haven to beach lovers who seek a tranquil vacation.

Words Hansani Bandara Photographs Isuru Upeksha

The sun was shining spreading its warmth as we journeyed towards Jo Lanka Resort situated in Unawatuna, a place characterised by its sea, sand and upbeat vibe, especially as the sun sets. En route to the Resort, we admired the sea views, we were able to glimpse from the road amidst the urban landscape. It was a relaxing morning and the small town was still asleep, apart from the busy fishermen who were bringing home the day’s catch after venturing out to sea in the wee hours of the morning.

The resort is hard to miss, conveniently located by the Matara Road, surrounded by black walls, which bear its name in golden letters. And hidden behind these tall walls is a sublime paradise that instantly drowns out the buzz of the town, taking its discerning patrons to a peaceful oasis. We were pleasantly surprised to see views of the tranquil Unawatuna Beach, which is being restored, as soon as we entered the hotel’s garden. At the edge of the perfectly manicured emerald lawn is a stairway that descends towards the beach, where the aquamarine ocean allures one to take a refreshing dip in its waters. Enjoying the cool breeze that blew across, rejuvenating our senses, we sat on a wooden garden table. Everything around us was calm and quiet. Two tables away from us a couple of guests were relaxing on long bench seats whiling away their time.

The resort is designed such that sights of the Unawatuna Beach could be enjoyed from all its spaces, be it from rooms, restaurants or even the common areas. As such, the main restaurant is glass windowed so that the breathtaking panorama, which stretches all the way to the horizon is not disrupted. Here, guests can choose from a wide variety of gastronomic delights ranging from Continental, Western, Indian, Chinese to Sri Lankan, catering to any palate. If need be, you can even request the skilled chef to prepare any dish you like. On weekends, you can revel in the goodness of fresh seafood, which are featured at the seafood buffet. A ‘must try’ at the restaurant is the Batter Fried Prawns Ala Yapa—a signature dish at Jolanka Unawatuna. The dish comprises of batter fried prawns served with a special vegetable salad and french fries. Further the hotel does not adhere to strict meal hours, giving guests the liberty of having their meals whenever they wish to, even if it means having breakfast at noon!

Offering 14 spacious deluxe rooms, Jolanka Resorts’s prime focus is ensuring that the privacy of their guests is given due respect and consideration. The staff too goes that extra mile to make sure that, at Jolanka, guests feel at home. Artfully decorated to impart the warmth of a cosy and comfortable atmosphere, the rooms are equipped with all modern comforts. Also, striving to constantly improve their standards, the hotel has a comment card system allowing guests to review its services and make suggestions.

It is the warmth of being at home combined with the luxury of holidaying in a beach paradise that make Jolanka Resorts stand out. It is a true escape that take you to a peaceful oasis to indulge in and embrace the art of holidaying.


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