The many flavours of Siam House

May 2015| 211 views

The casual  ambiance of Siam House— a great place for a hearty feast

The casual ambiance of Siam House— a great place for a hearty feast

As dusk settled around the city of Colombo, we made our way to explore the many flavours of Thai cuisine at Siam House. Celebrating its 22nd anniversary on the 23rd of this month, the restaurant takes pride in leading its patrons on a gastronomical journey that is unique and indulgent.

Words Hansani Bandara Photographs Mahesh Bandara

The restaurant stood illuminated and exuding a quiet refinement in its setting. Upon entering, we found that the atmosphere of Siam House was welcoming. At one corner of the spacious dining hall on the ground floor, we could hear the endless laughter and chatter of a group who were enjoying a scrumptious dinner. The light music that played in the background complemented the interior, lit with ambient lighting.

As the aromas of freshly prepared dishes soothed my senses, I climbed my way up to the outer verandah on the first floor, from where you can enjoy views of the quaint Melbourne Avenue. At Siam House, you can opt to sit either at a table on the garden or the lower verandah, the common dining areas on the first and second floors or even in one of the three family rooms, depending on the number of guests in your group. The family rooms can accommodate 10 to 17 guests, while there is also a separate function space—with a capacity to house around 70 guests—which can be used for closed business or family functions. Enlarged photographs of Thailand’s cultural elements and art pieces with traditional motifs adorn the walls, setting the tone for each space. Cabinets of ornaments and antiques further enhance the theme and impart the feel of a genuine Thai experience.

The perfect blend of exquisite cuisine and the effort that is put into imparting a unique experience to its patrons has earned Siam House its well-deserved reputation as one of the most preferred places for Thai food in Colombo. Never compromising on quality and quantity, the main ingredients are sourced from Thailand, while the best of Sri Lankan herbs are obtained from the local market. Some of their most popular dishes include, Fried Crab with Chilli Sauce, Seafood Pad Thai Noodles, Pineapple Rice and Spicy Papaya Salad. Saku (tapioca pearl pudding), which is a traditional Thai dessert, tops the list of most preferred sweet dishes of the restaurant. Further, celebrating its 22-year history, Siam House will introduce a loyalty card and special discounts will be offered starting from May 23rd to 30th.

The laid back atmosphere adds to the character of the restaurant, as it allows you to enjoy your meal leisurely, at your own pace. It is one of the few places that imparts the genuine feel of a traditional Thai restaurant, with décor, music and above all delectable food, treating guests to a memorable gastronomical journey.

17, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4

Tel: (+94 11) 259 5944

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