Clearpoint Residences: The World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

July 2015| 2,988 views

Clearpoint Residences

Clearpoint Residences

Nestled in the tranquil surroundings of Rajagiriya, Clearpoint Residences is slated to be Sri Lanka’s first sustainable high-rise and also the tallest residential vertical garden in the world.

Abrainchild of renowned Archt Milroy Perera, Clearpoint Residences is a joint venture between Milroy Perera Associates and construction giant Maga Engineering. Both entities are well versed in the nuances of architecture and construction and their expertise has paved the way to create a one-of-a-kind design that is cutting-edge and sustainable.

The residential apartment tower consists of 171 apartments comprising of 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartments, a limited number of penthouses and presidential suites spread across 46 floors. One of its many highlights will be the planted terraces encircling the building. The plants will be maintained through a specially designed automated drip irrigation system that uses recycled water. The idea of incorporating such a system is to ensure that the residents do not have to be involved in the management of the garden. “We are looking at Clearpoint Residences from a sustainable point of view,” explained Arosha Perera, Project Architect. “Before starting the project we looked at different options in terms of what we can do to make an apartment more sustainable. We have included several aspects that are simple such as the elongated balconies with plants. It may look like an aesthetic decision to make the building cooler, but in fact it is a pragmatic one to limit the amount of sunlight streaming in. The idea is that the plants can be used as a green shield, so that the apartment doesn’t heat up, in turn drastically reducing the air conditioning costs.”

Not stopping there, several features, all aimed at making Clearpoint Residences sustainable have been incorporated into the design. For instance, solar panels integrated to the roof terrace, will be utilised to power public utilities and common areas such as the elevators, and lobby lights. Rain water along with recycled grey water will be collected to be used in bathrooms for flushing and for plant irrigation while a central gas system will be in place for heating water. A special system will be put in place to manage solid waste where garbage is to be separated and sold to relevant sources. The money thus earned will be used to maintain the building, cutting down the costs of maintenance.

Elaborating further Archt Arosha Perera said, “We are glad that we are able to carry out these initiatives without adding extra cost to the selling price of this apartment while giving clients better options. In most instances when you buy an apartment, your money is locked into paying maintenance and utility costs. As such, we are including all these aspects to make the building environmentally friendly while keeping it affordable for the occupants.”

There are four elevators in the building and an intelligent sensor system has been put in place to direct residents towards the elevator that will take them faster to their residence, saving time. Two parking slots have been allocated for each apartment, which sits under a landscaped garden that acts as a multi-court for basketball, tennis, badminton and other sports. The apartment complex also includes an entertainment area overlooking the garden along with all other amenities needed for a comfortable living.

Yet another key feature is that the size of the smallest apartment unit (2 bedroom) is 1,800 sq ft while the average apartment unit (3 bedroom) is 2,300 sq ft. Furthermore, the architect and developer together are able to allow the residents to customize each apartment by combining rooms and even joining apartments thanks to the innovative design layout of each apartment. Each floor consists of only four apartments or less where each one is built into a corner, providing a panoramic view of the surrounding greenery and the city. “We have strived to keep a low density within the building,” revealed Archt Arosha Perera. “And everyone will be able to obtain a corner apartment, or in other words, a premium one. The location is key, as the high-rise is located strategically in an area that is suburban but slowly becoming urban. Whichever floor you select, you will be guaranteed an unobstructed view.”

Creating a spacious apartment has been given priority, calming colours and interior decorations including furniture have been used to convey a sense of warmth and a tranquil ambience. No expense has been spared when designing the interior of each apartment as Clearpoint Residencies will include only the best fittings sourced directly from authorised, established dealerships representing renowned brands. Even the tiles used will be specially designed to lessen the number of grout lines to create seamless spaces. Another distinctive feature is the ability to opt for a private pool if you are selecting a presidential suite or a penthouse regardless of the floor that you are located at. The pool will protrude out of the apartment, creating a stunning view.

“The partnership between our firm and Maga has worked well,” said Archt Arosha Perera. “The level of expertise we possess both in architecture and construction is the main reason we have confidently undertaken the responsibility of trying to accommodate a certain degree of customisation. And we have also been socially responsible and have gone the extra mile to specially design for differently-abled people beyond mandatory requirements, including specialised sanitary fittings and access.”

Estimated to be ready in the year 2017, Clearpoint Residences is currently in the process of completing their show apartment. Dedicated to provide nothing but the best, Clearpoint seeks to strike a balance between the natural and the built environment in order to create the perfect home for its residents.

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