Dining At Red Orchids

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The warm ambience of Red Orchids

The warm ambience of Red Orchids

Red Orchids takes pride in its authenticity and calibre of cuisine. Emphasised in its mantra is value for money; but, above all, quality remains their primary focus.

Words Namishka Rodrigo

Situated on a quiet lane, away from the busy main road is an enticing Chinese and Thai restaurant. A flourishing green lawn precedes the entrance. We were warmly welcomed into a bright room that had an air of relaxation yet sophistication. The interior was embellished with bold red and gold wallpaper, enhancing the cultural aura of the house turned restaurant, all the while maintaining an inviting and intimate ambience. The tables were adorned with scarlet napkins and small vases with bamboo; additionally, arrangements of lucky bamboo were placed around the restaurant, a sign of blessing and energy. Traditional Chinese fans decoratively hung on the walls, accentuating the authentic feel of the place. The restaurant consists of two storeys; the second floor separates into several private dining areas embellished with Chinese tapestry and bamboo draped windows. In the evening the balcony transforms into a beautiful candle-lit dining area that looks out on to a picturesque view of the sea and the passing trains.

The establishment serves a delectable array of cuisines and flavours that is sure to allure many a diner. The majority of the dishes on the menu are Chinese, with the addition of Thai to provide a greater variety. Some of the more sought after dishes include the delicious steamed whole crab with ginger and the succulent spicy and sour Tom Yum seafood soup, steamed or fried dumplings, sesame prawn toast, an unusual hot baby corn butter sauce, and the most popular dessert being the almond jelly. Regardless of the season, Red Orchids pride themselves in being able to always serve a traditional fruit platter. They also endeavour to guarantee that the food looks as delicious as it tastes, as one must first satisfy the senses especially visually.

Red Orchids, which commenced in April this year as a result of their passion for authentic Chinese cuisine, ensures that their ingredients are fresh and will travel outstation on a regular basis to obtain fresh produce. The chefs are well experienced and always aim to serve innovative cuisine. After every meal the chef will come and meet with the guest, thereby maintaining a strong relationship with the client.

Red Orchids not only caters to restaurant guests, but they also deliver and have an executive meal for lunch with the option of Thai chicken, omelette, or vegetable with the special addition of a secret sauce! Additionally they are able to provide outside catering for functions and parties, with full service to an unlimited number of guests.

One only needs to try their food to comprehend why Red Orchids has become a popular dining establishment. In each dish the spices blend in perfect harmony to create a symphony of flavour that will leave you craving for more.

35 Castle Lane, Colombo 4

(+94 11) 255 5058/9

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