Hands-on Healing

June 2016| 815 views

A chiropractic treatment table

A chiropractic treatment table

Too many professionals with busy schedules suffer from chronic joint and nerve pain with little chance of long-term relief without appropriate intervention. Elder Chiropractic Clinic is devoted to treating these ailments.

Words  Tharika Fuhrer  |  Photographs  Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

The Elder Chiropractic Clinic in Borella is a very calming place to visit. Quiet and unassuming, the clinic reminded me more of a spa with its cosy seating area and comfortable surroundings than a medical facility where people come to be treated for musculoskeletal complications. This sentiment was greatly amplified upon meeting the very charming and polite staff who introduced me to Dr Janet Ruth Sosna, the managing director and current senior chiropractor at the clinic.

“My husband and I were on a snorkelling trip in Sri Lanka and the weather was acting up so we decided to come in to Colombo. One thing led to another and we found ourselves at Fort, where we passed by the Board of Investment office. As I knew that there were no licensed chiropractic professionals practicing in Sri Lanka, I thought this might be a good opportunity to start one,” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

Originally from the US, Sosna now spends her time commuting back and forth between Sri Lanka and Singapore, where there is another branch of the clinic. She also holds the distinction of being the longest practising chiropractor in Singapore. Her partner, Dr Patrick L Milligan, the lead practitioner, stays in Sri Lanka full time.

When I asked Sosna what kind of people end up coming to the clinic she said: “There are so many people who have back and musculoskeletal problems that have been through all kinds of other treatments like ayurveda or acupuncture and just can’t get rid of the pain. Most of them seem to do very well with chiropractic and the scientific research out there shows that it chiropractic is most effective against acute and chronic lower back and neck pain. And it is extremely safe.” The facilities at Elder Chiropractic Clinic are to the same standards as any international facility. The two rooms used for treatments are equipped with purpose-built chiropractic treatment tables and tools for spinal and muscular adjustments.

Treatment at Elder Chiropractic is hands-on care through the carefulmanipulation and restoration of joints and musculoskeletal tissue in an effort to rebalance the nervous system and spine. As Sosna put it, chiropractic is all about allowing the body to heal itself and as such any external application such as medication or invasive procedures are kept to minimum, if used at all. When asked if there are any future plans for expansion, Sosna adds, “After consolidating our business further we will be looking into opening a clinic probably in Kandy.”

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