SLTPB and OZO hotels welcome Hong Kong singing duo, Robynn & Kendy

June 2016| 234 views

Robynn and Kendy with Sri Lankan artists Umaria & Iraj

Robynn and Kendy with Sri Lankan artists Umaria & Iraj

Under the Visiting Journalist programme of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau (SLTPB), Robynn and Kendy, rising stars from Hong Kong, visited Sri Lanka to film the next episode of celebrity travelogue programme Travel With My Guitar.

OZO Hotels, one of Asia’s leading hospitality brands, collaborated in the programme by providing a home-away-from-home experience to the duo during their special visit to the Island.

Robynn and Kendy were warmly welcomed by the management team at OZO Colombo, together with two celebrated local artists, Umaria and Iraj.

ON14, the hotel’s rooftop lounge with its open-air swimming pool and views over the city and the Indian Ocean, created an amazing backdrop for the Travel With My Guitar shoot. The show will be broadcast on Hong Kong television.

SLTPB and i-Cable Hong Kong organised this media familiarisation programme to promote the modern flavours of Sri Lanka as a booming travel destination among potential high-end visitors from Hong Kong. OZO Hotels were listed as the preferred accommodation option and it was the brand that selected the rooftop as the ideal location for filming.