Romafour: Expression is a Choice

July 2016| 817 views

When one walks into Romafour on Galle Road, one cannot help but be impressed by the sheer size of the place. The store is a fashion oasis where rows upon rows of garments of every imaginable shape, fabric and style lay in wait for shoppers to browse through and claim.

Words Tharika Fuhrer
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Elegant wear from the Ramazan collection

Elegant wear from the Ramazan collection

We begin on the ground floor where the store’s basic ready to wear, jewellery and accessories are kept. An interesting aspect is that the collections at Romafour are changed every two weeks, thus providing something new to their customers on a regular basis. The latest on display was their Ramazan collection for the festive season.

Once on the first and second floors, where Romafour houses their various collections of tops, pants, dresses and skirts, we are able to take a better look at the clothing. While there were a few Sri Lankan creations most of the items at the store have been carefully selected and imported from various countries. The store also rarely keeps two of the same item in stock so that each customer has something unique; a signature style for all its clients.

With such dedication to the needs of their clients and a true and righteous passion for bringing high quality yet affordable clothing to everyone in Sri Lanka, it’s no wonder that Romafour has built such a formidable reputation in its nearly thirteen years of service as being a one stop shop for all clothing items.

The store simply caters to every type of person for any type of event keeping what’s vogue in mind.They do traditional. They do contemporary. They carry office wear, ready to wear and of course formal wear to suit any personality or function. And what makes them even more special is that they are just as well equipped to handle the needs of their children and male clientele, as they are for women.

On the third floor we arrive at the kids’ section. It used to be that people didn’t pay much attention to children’s apparel, but those days have long since passed with Romafour seemingly championing the movement to take kids’ fashion to the next level. They carry a variety of some truly adorable pieces that would no doubt fit the personality of any young budding fashionista looking for something special.

Finally our visit ends on the fourth and fifth floor where Romafour keeps their men’s apparel.  It is the go-to place for the stylish and conservative gent. Though the ambience has been kept purposely masculine, as with the rest of Romafour, the men’s section is very eclectic with the amount of styles and cuts they offer.

A fact nicely demonstrated by the various outerwear pieces the store has in stock, which consists of items like a tight fitting leather bomber jacket, a sleek tuxedo style blazer and a double breasted wool coat perhaps more comfortably worn in a colder climate. Hence, they store apparel for all, even the modern traveller.

While leaving Romafour it dawned on me that this was one of the few places that delivered a truly well rounded shopping experience and for that it deserved its status as a heavy hitter in the Colombo fashion scene.

71, Galle Road,
Colombo 4
Tel: (+94 11) 258 0950
[email protected]