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Thai style steamed fish

Thai style steamed fish

One of the oldest restaurants in Sri Lanka, Siam House has been serving traditional Thai cuisine for 23 years and continues to cater to a discerning clientele. Let’s see what has made it such a bona fide success.

Words Tharika Fuhrer

The spacious ambience of Siam House

The spacious ambience of Siam House

There is an old style glamour that exudes from the spacious wooden mansion that makes up Siam House. Set in a quiet neighborhood with a lush, sweeping garden the restaurant has slowly over the years built an undeniable reputation as being one of the finest Thai dining experiences in Colombo. From the food they serve to the quality of their service, everything at Siam House has been tested and refined in its over two decades of experience to provide its guests with a truly authentic and satisfying Thai experience.

It’s open for lunch and dinner everyday of the year except May 1st. The restaurant has won many notable accolades since its inception including being the first Thai restaurant to ever open in the country as well as to officially be recognised by Thailand’s Department of Commerce. It has also over the years garnered several favorable recommendations from international travel guides, as such its no surprise that this 250 seat capacity fine dining restaurant has become a favorite haunt of both Sri Lankans and expats for quite sometime.

With the faint but distinct scent of Lemongrass and Galangal in the air as soon as one walks in, there’s no question that Siam House holds steasfast to their roots when it comes to making traditional Thai fare. Which means the cuisine prepared here is proudly authentic. Their menu has been designed to represent the four main regions of Thailand namely the North, North Eastern, Central and South. And favorites like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Papaya salad have managed to win quite a following. So much so that Siam House has had to expand their business to include takeaways, deliveries and even outdoor catering to keep up with the demand. They have also introduced loyalty cards offering discounts and promotions to customers who patronise them often.

The restaurant’s success is in no little part due its Thai executive chef who has been with the restaurant since it first opened its doors in 1993.

Siam House’s staff is the other half of the equation that has brought the restaurant such success. Their loyalty to their customers and to the restaurant has been noted numerous times and most of them have worked there for several years with the Thai staff averaging about ten years and the Sri Lankan staff 15. The friendly staff also contributes to the relaxed easy vibe Siam House posses.

It’s a place you can feel comfortable going to for just about any occasion be it corporate or a less formal event. You will always find the ideal seating arrangement to suit your needs as the restaurant provides its guests with several options including seating for upstairs, downstairs, outside in the garden or even in one of their three private rooms that can accomadate up to 10 – 15 guests each.

For a delicious authentic Thai meal, Siam House is the place to go.

17 Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4
Tel (+94 11) 259 5966
[email protected]