The graffiti wall at Bommu

September 2016| 578 views

Marko 93’ at work

Marko 93’ at work

A talented graffiti artist in the urban art scene of Paris, Marko 93’ transformed the Bommu rooftop wall near the Splash swimming pool in OZO Kandy into a very warm and colourful space. The artist’s amazing rooftop graffiti is part of an event that was initiated by the French Embassy and facilitated by the Alliance Francaise de Kotte in Colombo, in line with the French Spring Festival 2016 and Gypsy Jazz Concert.

Commenting on this unique initiative, Krishanta Damunupola, Hotel Manager, OZO Kandy, said, “Best known for his fresco paintings, Marko 93 has his own style of art. Kandy is a traditional city that features many art styles from different eras. Marko 93’s work at OZO Kandy provides a striking experience for all our guests. This is a place where modernity meets the past, and we are very pleased to have this contemporary painting here in the hotel.”

The ambience of Bommu as well as the atmosphere around Splash was further enlivened by Marko’s art.