Raja Bojun for a Hearty Sri Lankan Meal

September 2016| 672 views

The array of Sri Lankan dishes is eclectic

The array of Sri Lankan dishes is eclectic

They say food is the single most unifier across cultures and that food is part of the experiences of travel. At Raja Bojun, family and friends across continents come together in a time of fellowship and camaraderie amidst an eclectic layout of authentic food that takes the visitor along a gastronomic journey through Sri Lanka.

Words Jennifer Paldano Goonewardena  |  Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Sri Lankan sweetmeats wrapped in a leaf

Sri Lankan sweetmeats wrapped in a leaf

Sri Lankan food is shaped by the natural wealth of the country. It represents a unique way of life. Boiled Jack Fruit consumed with a curry made of dried fish is a meal in Sri Lanka; it is as satisfying as a meal of rice. So is boiled cassava with a mixture made of grated coconut and chilli flakes – Pol Sambol is an everyday staple dish of Sri Lankan homes. Experience this celebration of Sri Lankan life through traditional cuisine at Raja Bojun, a restaurant that serves authentic Sri Lankan food. It offers the ultimate culinary journey of taste and discovery. The food served at Raja Bojun takes the visitor through many regions of the country, brought to fruition in its kitchen. The finest spices and ingredients are blended with a myriad of vegetables and meats, to bring out the tastes of the country’s gastronomic hubs of the North and South, the coastal towns and the hills.

Located at Liberty Arcade in Colombo, where it is surrounded by a shopping district of malls and boutiques, the large glass entryway to Raja Bojun is simple. The welcoming vibes are obvious inside, with walls decorated with large drapes inspired by Kandyan motifs dangling from the ceiling. Raja Bojun is a large restaurant that can accommodate up to 200 guests at any given time. The food tour begins with a salad corner, the several varieties of rice dishes is followed by vegetables that display a collection of food preparation techniques that include delicately spiced curries, deep fried and sautéed dishes, greens and vegetables combined with grated coconut, pickles and of course unbeatable meat dishes. The signature dish for any day is the crab curry, cooked in true Sri Lankan style, showcasing regional variations. Dishes are served in large clay pots and plates, so patrons can discover the richness of unsullied Sri Lankan cuisine, bursting with authenticity by maintaining age-old formulas that preserved wholesomeness and nutritional value through preparation. Raja Bojun offers a healthy Sri Lankan meal packed with time tested, traditional goodness.

The daily action station serves the much sought after charismatic food known as ‘hoppers’. Asked by name by foreign patrons, served in a variety of ways; the egg hopper being the everyday preparation, at Raja Bojun the hallmark is the retention of traditional cooking stamped by creativity and originality. Thus, hoppers are served topped with grilled items such as chicken and seafood. Kebabs and varieties of roti is prepared to serve our Asian neighbours, food that is close to their hearts. The desserts are a blend of Western and Sri Lankan varieties, which would at least be a choice of 15 varieties. The dinner menu includes more popular Sri Lankan food, string hoppers and pittu and of course shrimp curry. What better way to drown a traditional meal but with a cup of tea sipped with a piece of kithul jaggery.

Like the food, beverages are served in a variety of choices. While fresh fruit such as mango, pineapple, papaya, passion fruit are the most sought after, the drink of a king coconut is highly recommended to cool your system.

A buffet that serves Sri Lankan food from the kitchen of the kings, a fine gourmet that nevertheless retains the delicacy of food, achieves a perfect balance of ingredients and unique tastes.

The extensive array of food served at Raja Bojun dazzles the senses; it is an ode to Sri Lankan tradition.

282, R A De Mel Mawatha,
Colombo 3;
(+94 11) 471 6171