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Adhil Fouz, Chairman of Ayura

Adhil Fouz, Chairman of Ayura

A new collection was introduced to Ayura’s family of jewels, extending a legacy of four generations…

Words Yomal Senerath-Yapa and Nawya Ponnamperuma
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

An opulent aquamarine pendant

An opulent aquamarine pendant

For a diamond to be really a girl’s best friend, it will have to be worked on meticulously. At Ayura, they know how to make the pink heart of a tourmaline dance, and to give depth to the scintillating blue of the topaz.

For four generations Ayura has been perfecting their craft; learning, growing, refining and evolving. Today, they have an international office in Cologne apart from their headquarters and studio in Colombo. They also have three elegant showrooms in Saman Villas Bentota, at Church Street in the Galle Fort and at the Fortress, Koggala.

Ayura’s latest collection is also the largest they have unveiled so far. Adhil Fouz, Chairman of Ayura, is particularly attached to the white gold necklace that is at the heart of the collection. It took him two years to complete, each stone of blue sapphire and diamond having been handpicked. It’s easy to understand Fouz’s pride and affinity for the piece: the perfectly circular band is timeless with its little sapphire flowers. Fouz says,“This necklace really reflects our work and what Ayura is about. The simplicity of our designs and the attention to detail mark us.”

Ayura’s standards are maintained at a very high level. Gemstones are supplied by the best suppliers, and each stone, however large or small, is specially cut for that one piece of jewelry. Among Ayura’s collection of bijoux are some real hypnotizing beauties. They have eternity rings, sapphire rings and sapphire, ruby and diamond bracelets. The cocktails rings are colourful, light hearted and can conjure a clunky and brilliant effect.

The unique pieces of jewellery have been conceptualized by some of the world’s most talented designers from Paris and Hong Kong as well as Sri Lanka, each lending their distinctive creative strengths.

The hallmark feature of Ayura is the ‘pure ideal cut’ technique which allows the diamond to dazzle, retaining a large percentage of its purity. It is purity that makes the stone translucent. And indeed the extra brilliance coming from a large gemstone is feature that marks out Ayura.

“The ideal heirloom that will stay in the family for generations”

Ayura focuses on the international market and their handcrafted jewellery is most acclaimed by highly discerning global clientele. Customers include Bond Street in London and Place Vendome, Paris. Ayura representatives travel to attend to customer inquiries from Europe, the Middle East, Russia and other regions.

The lion’s share of gemstones Ayura deals in comes with global certification from bodies such as GRS, SSEF and Gublin of Switzerland. The diamonds come from suppliers who adhere to United Nations convention on diamond production.

Ayura today is noted and admired particularly for pieces containing Ceylon sapphires and the rubies they get from the heart of Africa, but their work really encompasses precious and semi-precious stones of all types.

Amidst all these attainments, there is one thing that Ayura particularly aspires to: they want each of their pieces to be “the ideal heirloom that will remain in the family for generations.” That alone reflects their commitment to ensure that the clients requirements are met.

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