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October 2016| 453 views

The Factory Outlet; the latest stylist in Ja-Ela

The Factory Outlet; the latest stylist in Ja-Ela

TFO at KZONE Ja-Ela is where you can experiment with trends, combine patterns and select a collection that will reflect your confidence.

Casual wear for women

Casual wear for women

Words Nawya Ponnamperuma  |  Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Travelling to the city in search of the perfect outfit for a special occasion is now a thing of the past. The Factory Outlet (TFO) has made its way into the suburbs. The franchises latest store at K Zone Ja-Ela answers the needs of all trendsetters with an upbeat styling store offering reasonably priced attire.

The brightly lit up store caters to men, women and children. Here, one may find items needed to fashion the latest look in vogue or indulge in a range of comfortable clothing items. As in all its outlets, TFO strives to offer affordable quality to its patrons.

Women’s wear as far as the eye can see is colourful, sometimes somber with pretty detailing and patterns. However, the shopper needs to get hands-on and go through the racks to find contemporary trendsetting outfits. Fancy jumpsuits, Maxi dresses with lace work, chic tops, office wear and stylish skirts will surely excite one’s inner fashionista. A section for lingerie and nightwear enjoys satin material and lace final touches. What’s more, there is a complete collection of gymwear for ladies. Handbags in different hues to match belts and shoes that are offered at the store possesses a trendy look. Browse through, pick an item that suits your fancy and try it on at the bright fit-on rooms; time and space is at your disposal at the store.

The middle section caters to the needs of infants and kids between the ages of one to 16 years. Dresses of tribal prints, dungarees, crop tops, shorts, skirts with dainty detailing are all a part of this section. They excel in providing outfits for casual or dressy occasions. For parents in search of the perfect outfit for their little ones, Factory Outlet is a helping hand. Shoes and accessories are too available. An unbeaten collection for boys has checked shirts, printed t-shirts, pants, and other apparel.

The section on the far end of the store is a shopping oasis for men. Whether you are daring or conservative, TFO’s range caters to all tastes. Shirts for the sophisticated man, easy wear for the fun-loving, linen and cotton pants to suit the tropical climes, leather shoes, sandals, ties, denims and a range of accessories. The collection is arranged in an uncomplicated and efficient way, which is perhaps a comfort for men who do not like spending too much time shopping. Therefore, all you need to do is select, pay and enjoy.

Following a Department Store concept, TFO also provides a select range of household and lifestyle goods, including toys for toddlers and equipment for infants. The gift wrap area near the check-out counter offers a colourful wall of wrapping and greeting cards to suit many an occasion. It is an important service that supports the busy lifestyles of today.

TFO strives to offer a complete shopping experience. And the exceeding turnout of buyers within a few months of operation stands as proof to the fact that they provide contemporary and quality creations. The Factory Outlet is surely a dream come true for trendsetters on a budget.

First Floor, K Zone,
525, Colombo Road Kapuwatte,
Ja-Ela. (+94 11) 432 9030