Italian by the Sea

November 2016| 519 views

Beachside dinner, Osteria Romana basks in the romance of dusk

Beachside dinner, Osteria Romana basks in the romance of dusk

The sea sprayed a salty mist that swayed frangipani and palms. Bathed in the coral hues of evening, Osteria Romana twinkled like something out of a fairy-tale…

Words Keshini de Silva
Photographs  Menaka Aravinda and Geeth Viduranga

Dulki and her father Thilak Seethawaka

Dulki and her father Thilak Seethawaka

The aroma of fired tomatoes and baking herbs perfumed the air, whiffs that created delicious images in my mind. Osteria Romana is the promise of fine Italian cuisine and premium grape wine in an intimate atmosphere that favours liveliness. Just 15 kilometres away from the Aluthgama Exit of the Southern Expressway, it is close to the most famous and dazzling beaches of the South.

The interior of the villa-styled restaurant opens onto a quaint garden with a slow trickle of water juxtaposed with the live action from the kitchen. The restaurant offers diners a taste of grandeur in the glamourous indoor dining area lit by a bright chandelier and animated by the Italian beauties of the silver screen. Effervescent, breezy dining is the theme of the bistro setting at the verandah, where patrons enjoying Italian cappuccino indulge in rapturous conversation. Yet, for that romantic dinner on your paradise vacation in the South of Sri Lanka, nothing sounds quite as dreamy as star-gazing on the beach. At dusk the setting is idyllic. Sit at the edge of the Induruwa Beach enjoying the sun’s colourful halo as it sinks to slumber while sipping on a glass of red. The candle-lit affair will be etched in your mind forever.

The fairy-tale-like atmosphere at Osteria Romana is just as Swiss architect Rico Taravella and owner Thilak Seethawaka envisioned. Taravella was especially influential in crafting the Mediterranean villa and cosy concept of the restaurant.

Amidst its tropical ambience, Osteria Romana serves a menu shipped straight from Italy all day long. Be it pasta, pizza or antipasto, each dish captures the messy deliciousness of wholesome Italian cuisine with a touch of finesse. Authenticity is its hallmark.

“Everything is genuine and quality is important. Especially with ingredients, anything below the standard is returned. We want to create an authentic and laid-back dining experience for customers,” said Dulki Seethawaka (daughter of Thilak Seethawaka). Pizzas served piping hot from the oven are true to the biscuit-like crunch that originated from Naples. The Italian herbs, tomatoes, mozzarella and even cold meats that make its toppings, travel here from across the Mediterranean.

The pastas are home-made, kneaded and rolled by experienced hands with care. And nothing is as delightful as the combination of the fresh seafood fished off the southern shores and prepared the Italiano way, flavours that keep their faithful clientele coming back for more.

Osteria Romana is the picture of endless summer fun, as the restaurant blossoms with merriment mingled with jazzy tunes. And when your cutlery sinks into your meal, you will utter only, “Delizioso!”.

Osteria Romana
700B, Galle Road, Induruwa
(+94 34) 229 1602
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