A Turkish Feast by Galle Face Hotel

November 2016| 242 views

Chefs Ömer Tezel

Chef Ömer Tezel

Galle Face Hotel is celebrating the National Day of the Republic of Turkey by hosting a Turkish Feast which will be held till November 4, 2016. The Verandah Restaurant at the Galle Face Hotel is serving a fascinating range of dishes featuring world class chefs Ömer Tezel and Taha Dinç from Istanbul, Turkey.

Chef Ömer Tezel worked wonders at top rated restaurants in New York City for six years before joining Master Chef Carlo Bernardini in Istanbul. Meanwhile Taha Dinç with a culinary arts qualification from Anatolian University under his belt, went on to serve as a pastry chef at Mama Shelter Hotel before opening his own restaurant ‘Mutfakkitap’.

The refined heritage of Turkish cuisine is on display with a scrumptious range of savoury and sweet pastries. A fabulous array of desserts awaits the food enthusiasts.

Chef Taha Dinç

Chef Taha Dinç

An exclusive Turkish gourmet dinner, paired with wines that complement and enhance the Turkish food experience, awaits food lovers on November 3, 2016 at the 1864 Restaurant.

At the Turkish Food Fest, a range of home-made Turkish food is available for purchase and a special selection of food is available for vegetarian food patrons.

Alongside the food festival, a tribute to the 150 years of Turkish legacy in Sri Lanka is on display, at the hotel museum.