Christmas Cake Mixing at KCC

December 2016| 421 views

Thusitha Wijayasena, Chairman – KCC with his wife Swarna Wijayasena and team

Thusitha Wijayasena, Chairman – KCC with his wife Swarna Wijayasena and team

December is the ultimate month for celebration, with Christmas trees being decorated and carols being sung. It all starts with the mixing of the Christmas cake…

Mixing the Christmas cake ingredients

Mixing the Christmas cake ingredients

Bringing this seasonal cheer to the heart of the hill capital, Kandy City Centre (KCC) held its Christmas cake mixing celebration that entailed the mixing of ingredients weighing 500kg. The moment was full of joy and laughter, just as the season is meant to be.

The table of ingredients was designed by the in-house team of KCC that does all its branding. The design took on the form of the logo of the World Spice Restaurant, as such the entire setup was colourful as well as cheerful. Chefs from all the restaurants of KCC together with its officials gathered around the ingredient table and poured cherry brandy to the rich cake mix symbolising their unity to begin the season.

The aroma of vanilla and almond essence as well as brandy made all those present long for Christmas, while sultana, raisins, candied peel, cherries, cashews and the many other ingredients added much flamboyance to this merry occasion.

“As a Group that proudly celebrates people from all walks of life, all religions and festivals, we are happy to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through this event. We wish everyone a happy and prosperous festive season” said, Thusitha Wijayasena, Chairman, KCC who joined with his wife Swarna. Niroshan Subasinghe, Financial Controller and Nalaka Bandara, Pastry Chef were also present on this occasion.

The baked Christmas cake will be ready from the first week of December until January next year.

Twenty two varieties of cake are available at the main restaurant of Kandy City Centre as well as its seasonal outlets, thereby giving customers the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in style.

Furthermore, with KCC being the trendsetter in Kandy, they will also be offering other Christmas goodies such as pies, macaroons, breudher, Christmas pudding and fruit bonbons for a fabulous festive table.