Kandy City Centre: A Hallmark of Modernity

December 2016| 1,191 views

Enjoy the thrilling ride on the roller coaster

Enjoy the thrilling ride on the roller coaster

Towering over the bustling streets of the ancient citadel, Kandy City Centre embraces the identity of Kandyan architecture with its high-pitched roof and earthy colours. Walk through its ornately carved timber doors into a world of modernity. It’s a shopaholic’s paradise.

Words Keshini de Silva 
Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham and Menaka Aravinda

Sri Dalada Veediya (street) was buzzing with evening energy. Café Walk by the Kandy City Centre (KCC) overlooking the busy precincts offered a moment of solace and a view of Kandy life. The renovated colonial building, which was once the Walker’s Office, retained its old-world charm. Tired travellers were snuggled in enjoying a warm brew of Arabica. The café’s inner doors lead to a towering world of glass; the KCC mall section. It’s hard to fathom how a quaint classical building concealed this magnificent structure of modernity so well to deliver an element of surprise.

The glimmering shopping precincts showcased an endless selection of must-have worldly goods. Green, pink, blue; the floor levels glow in different colours to help you find your way through the state-of-the-art maze. However, if you are ever lost, just speak to the friendly staff sporting walkie-talkies; they will guide you along your way.

KCC is not just a shopping complex. Modelling a city itself, it is a hotspot for recreation and a corporate hub of service. The apparel section includes a diverse range of labels, renowned for quality, yet to suit every price preference. International and Sri Lankan clothing brands display the latest trends in both vibrant and earthy colours. The tech-savvy can enjoy browsing through novel and innovative gadgets and the latest appliances. The Island’s leading jewellers showcase their chic collections and precious gems, an eye-catching scene of opulence. Tea shops selling Ceylon’s finest brew are ideal for those seeking a souvenir that represents the flavour of Sri Lanka. From elegant glassware to stylish and quality eyewear, KCC is a shopaholics paradise.

The merry-go-round at the kids entertainment section

The merry-go-round at the kids entertainment section

Children, teenagers and even adults who want to tap into their inner-child will find themselves well-occupied at the World Play children’s play area, gaming arcade and bowling alley. Your little ones will be spinning around to pure bliss on the merry-go-round or squealing with delight as they whiz-off on the all-new roller coaster. Leaning off the rooftop overlooking the Kandy Lake, the roller coaster is a first for the city.

Step into the tongue tingling World Spice restaurant for a taste of authentic Asian cuisine. With a lively atmosphere and delicious aromas, the restaurant is the ideal spot for a family lunch or a quick break from shopping. It’s refreshments galore at KCC with a vast range of healthy juices or decadent ice creams. After trotting along the sunny Kandy streets, a cool spoonful of scrumptious creamy goodness will be a treat.

Providing ample parking – a much-needed facility in the ancient citadel, KCC is all about adding convenience to the lives of city dwellers. Every commercial requirement is catered to at the mall’s Bank Street, where the country’s leading financial institutions operate till seven in the evening. One can even purchase everyday groceries and personal care items at the supermarket.

Get lost within the gleaming precincts of the larger-than-life Kandy City Centre to shop to your hearts desire or for great family fun. There is always something exciting here.