Kandoori for the Spicy Taste Bud

January 2017| 694 views

The signature dish – sawan served with flavourosme side dishes and complimentary watalappan

The signature dish – sawan served with flavourosme side dishes and complimentary watalappan

Savour the taste of the neighbouring land or enjoy a gastronomical journey to East Asia; Kandoori is a charming restaurant that serves delicious cuisines.

Words Nawya Ponnamperuma Photography Vishwa Tharmakulasingham

The enticing aroma of spices captivated our senses as we entered Kandoori, which is an elegant family run restaurant that has its humble beginnings rooted in Beruwala. With the aim of providing flavoursome authentic cuisines that are reasonably priced, the second restaurant in Colombo too represents the core values of the original restaurant in Beruwala.

Specialising in North Indian feasts the lavish menu includes biriyani, chapathis, a variety of naans, a range of curries and beverages such as the cooling lassie. The authentic North Indian menu has much to offer with many tempting dishes prepared by the in-house Indian chefs using spices that boast the most delicious flavours.

The fragrant Biriyanis are Kandoori’s signature dish, hence sawans are in much demand. With five varieties that include chicken, mutton, fish, prawn and vegetable, they are served with skillfully prepared accompaniments. The restaurant provides generous servings to its customers.

Kandoori for exotic and spicy flavours

Kandoori for exotic and spicy flavours

While North Indian cuisine is its speciality, Kandoori also serves tasty East Asian dishes. There are many noodle and rice options to choose from as well as accompaniments that will make a complete meal. Moreover, the snack list has a twist of Western fare. There is much to select from and the cuisine caters to everyone’s taste buds. The restaurant serves some of the most delicious desserts. For those who wish to finish their meal with a delicious traditional wattalappan with thick sugary syrup can do so, or they can opt for a fruity dessert, the choice is theirs.

The restaurant itself is a pleasant space for family or friends to have a wonderful meal in. The interior is modern, simple and elegant. Splashes of bondi blue add a sense of tranquility while the white and cement finish walls make the space more spacious. At Kandoori, quality and service are maintained at a very high level.

The restaurant can accommodate up to a 100 pax and it makes a wonderful venue to host a special occasion. Kandoori also cater for weddings, corporate functions and luncheons with the option of either buffet or a la cart service.

With easy parking and tasty meals, the feel of a family restaurant is created in every way. After dining at this charming restaurant, the fragrance of mouthwatering spices will linger just as the flavours of Kandoori will be treasured in your heart.

17, Charlemont Road, Colombo 6

(+94) 77 751 1911

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