Opulence Through Diversity

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Contemporary elegance

Contemporary elegance

A design heritage spanning centuries glitters in the latest masterpieces by Lalitha Jewellers. It is a treasure trove of diversity featuring antique grandeur and contemporary finesse.

Words Keshini De Silva

A modern take on a Kandyan necklace

A modern take on a Kandyan necklace

Quality, finesse and trust, these are the hallmark of the over six-decade legacy at Lalitha Jewellers. Reinterpreting and reimagining the classics to suit modern tastes and thus ensuring the longevity of these precious motifs is their style. A jeweller that specialises in bespoke designs, the launch of a collection by Lalitha Jewellers is a rare treasure. It befits their celebration of 65 years of providing customers fine jewellery.

Diamonds in a traditional twirl sparkle on a curve of gold, which meets a gleaming arch of white gold speckled with blue sapphires and aquamarines. This circle of elegance embodies the essence of the latest collection at Lalitha Jewellers, where traditions of yesteryear meets the chic of today. The new designs transcend cultures, personifying design influences from the lavish Mogul Empire, to the sophistication of the Victorian era and especially the distinctive designs of the Kandyan age.

“In our new collection we explored and reimagined traditions, customs and the trends of today. Something that connects with the discerning customer. Lalitha Jewellers has been propelled into the future based on the craftsman-ship of our past and our integrity. The confidence our patrons and customers place in us is truly what inspires us,” says Sellakumar Kandasamy, Managing Director.Embellished with the Hansa-Puttuwa (entwined swan) design originating from the Anuradhapura era, a curvilinear diagonal pendant dangles off a string of pearls. Each pearl is fashioned to resemble the designs of the traditional Kandyan Agasti necklace.

A delicate gold wire work that only dexterous hands could create, outlines the blue sapphire and emerald encrusted motif. Though inspired by the vintage, this in-carnation of sophistication will complement the most modern of outfits.

An amethyst’s glow enhanced by diamonds

An amethyst’s glow enhanced by diamonds

Embracing an era of colour, Lalitha Jewellers has used the unique sparkling hues of semi precious stones to add a touch of glitz to elegance. A mesmerising pair of filigree tassels bejeweled with smoky quartz and the complementing bubbly pink of spinel exemplifies this concept. An intricate white gold wire work and an outline of diamonds accentuates the femininity of the piece.

Heartened by the modern love for chunky and edgy jewellery the collection also seeks inspiration from the adornments of the regality of yore. A pair of gold satin finished teardrop earrings set with an amethyst, draws from the Victorian era style of a striking stone being emboldened by a surrounding halo of diamonds and dainty workmanship.

“We work with a customer base that spans generations. The universal theme in all the customised designs we undertake is the search for character in jewellery they purchase. This is why the essence of our creations is in reinterpreting the classics”, adds Kandasamy, the custodian of a legacy he hopes to drive into the future through the latest technology, innovation and heightened customer convenience.

Thus, just as Lalitha Jewellers has over the years ensured that each precious piece is to its owner an heirloom for the future, its latest collection fulfills the promise of timeless sophistication.

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