Mathura for authentic Indian Cuisine

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Ulundu vadai, idli and masala dosai with side dishes are popular choices

Ulundu vadai, idli and masala dosai with side dishes are popular choices
©Mathura Restaurant

Mathura, is famous for serving the real tastes of India. A branch of the famous Madras Woodlands Restaurant chain from India, Mathura is in the heart of Colombo, amidst pleasant and comfortable surroundings.

Words Jennifer Paldano Goonewardane
Photographs Menaka Aravinda

The prominent entrance to Mathura

The prominent entrance to Mathura

Indian food is quintessentially popular across the board and never fails to make its mark anywhere in the world. Sri Lanka is no exception. The well-known Mathura restaurant that was a very prominent fixture along the busy Havelock Road, is continuing to serve the best of North and South Indian food at its current location along Melbourne Avenue in Colombo 4.

Having been in Sri Lanka for 17 years, Mathura continues to serve its diverse clientele with added gusto at its spacious restaurant, where upto 120 guests could be accommodated on the ground and upper floors, with the convenience of parking. The ground floor of the restaurant is neatly furnished and decorated with minimalism that has tastefully embraced the ambience of an everyday Indian restaurant, aptly ordained with a graceful interior, accentuated with a beautiful carved ornament, paintings from Hindu mythology and eye-catching small to life-size pictures of Bollywood and Kollywood celebrities and movies. This connection of cinema with Mathura tells the personality of its proprietor, Buddhi Keerthisena, who as a renowned Producer of Sinhala movies, has extended his fascination with cinema for the pleasure of his guests.

The upper floor provides space for family dining, private parties, meetings and discussions with their well-appointed private rooms furnished with signature Indian restaurant-style wooden furniture.

Open daily, from 11am to 3pm for lunch and 7pm to 10.30pm for dinner, the characteristically Indian favourites, vadai, and varieties of dosai served with the typical trimmings of coconut chutney and sambar, not forgetting the crispy paper masala dosai, served fresh on gleaming traditional Thali plates and stainless steel bowls, continue to captivate the taste buds. The flavoursome masala dishes and vegetable biryani are a symphony of flavours enhanced with plenty of spices, condiments and of course a generous dollop of ghee and curd. Brimming with pleasurable aromas is the South and North Indian Thali meal, rice accompanied by at least 10 – 12 items, a multitude of fresh vegetables with papadam and fried chilli, is ideal for a hearty lunch. Apart from the regular favourites, the range of food served at Mathura is tantalisingly extravagant, with soups, salads and starters followed by South Indian favourites such as Tandoori delights, varieties of roti and rice dishes and curries that make terrifically tasty side dishes, with plenty of indulgent desserts and sweets to select from.

The best of Indian cuisine is served in homely surroundings

The best of Indian cuisine is served in homely surroundings

Being an affiliate of a reputed restaurant chain means that they must maintain high standards in their service and product delivery. This is done by employing specialty chefs from India and even members of the staff serving guests. Plans to set up the Mathura Film Club is underway, a mini-cinema  that would allow guests to enjoy a sumptuous authentic Indian meal while watching Tamil or Hindi movie classics, which incidentally will be the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Music in the form of entertainment at Mathura is a pleasant diversion for guests as they are appreciative of the Indian musical fiesta that is soothing. Meanwhile, guests who dine at Mathura can enjoy an Indian movie while waiting to be served. Soon epicures will have the opportunity to experience Mathura in Battaramulla which be opens this month.

16 Melbourne Avenue
Colombo 4
(+94 76) 548 6665