Acacia Fabrics guarantees quality and safety

April 2017| 304 views

As a brand deeply conscious about the well-being of its customers and of the industry, Acacia Fabrics invests in quality and in safety to ensure that their end-users’ health and comfort are not compromised.

Each batch of Acacia-produced fabric undergoes vigorous testing by their partners at LABOTEX, an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, thereby guaranteeing ultimate performance fabrics.

These fabrics do not wear-off and are durable. They are colourfast, fire retardant, stain-resistant, as well as anti-mildew, and are also easy to clean. Both the chemicals used in fabric production, as well as the appropriated dosage, are safe for health. This guarantees quality and accountability.

Strictly refraining from using counterfeit fabrics that are not only poor in quality but also unsafe for daily exposure to the human body, Acacia Fabrics offers only the best materials that are superior as well as excellent, attested to and those guaranteed by lab results.