A Cozy Corner for Homely Comforts

April 2017| 543 views

Decorative display of cushion covers

Decorative display of cushion covers

Stepping into Cozy Linen, you are taken from the busy streets of Colombo in to a world of vibrant colours and utmost comfort.

Words Tishani Sripathi   |  Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Naushaly Wijemanna, Proprietor, Cozy Linen

Naushaly Wijemanna, Proprietor, Cozy Linen

Cradled in the cosy crèches of Queens Road, you find a chic yet homely boutique. The spread of shades within Cozy Linen, creates a snug and welcoming atmosphere.

The plethora of colour as well as the variety that engulfs you up-on entering the store, transports you into different arenas. One corner displays a complete set of bedding with delicate vintage embroidery. Another takes you to a more modern setting with vivid hues adorning soft quilts to printed cushion covers and plush throw pillows. Each product here resonates a sense of supreme comfort. A more contemporary, chic setting with silken bed linen, luxury matching bedspreads and table linen catches your eye from yet another part of the store.

“I love colour, I love texture, I love different fabrics – it is my passion and it really helps when you do what you love”, explains Naushaly Wijemanna, Proprietor, Cozy Linen, a proud outcome of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapi-tiya and Business Finance graduate from the University of Durham (UK). Starting in 2005, the store focused in rich bedding and soft furnishing.Thus she has been able to bring her passions to life through the success of Cozy Linen.

The lovely atmosphere that is created within Cozy Linen inspires the customers, giving them ideas to beautify their home. As Naushaly points out, “I enjoy when people come and choose for their home, apartment or hotel where we too can give our input in to what they should do.”

Around the store is a selection of beautiful bedspreads and quilts along with the comfy duvet covers also an assortment of pillows and cushion covers to mix and match with the bed linen. One can find lovely table runners and mats, up-holstery and throws ranging from mellow shades to fiery vibrant colours. Plush comfy rugs, ethnic wall hangers and even the curtain fabrics were added to the selection of items to meet the demand for a complete solution.

Elegant upholstery and matching cushion covers

Elegant upholstery and matching cushion covers

Cozy Linen imports a majority of the fabric from India, Pakistan and China, which are selected with a keen eye. Their bed linen ranges from containing a thread count of between 280 to 500, which accounts for the finer quality of the material used. The target for this year is to bring in fabrics of a higher thread count. They deal with a variety of material from 100 percent cotton, jacquard, Irish Linen, Egyptian cotton, brocade, silks, petal fabrics to printed fabrics, and also a spec-ial fabric called bamboo fabric found exclusively at Cozy Linen. Made out of bamboo pulp the material takes the shape of your body and could be described as the epitome of dozing comfort.

Customers, be it those who walk in and even hoteliers are offered the facility of customisation as most of the products are stitched in-house. The increasing demands in style and variety are met with ease because of this. The calibre of the products at Cozy Linen is such that there is a demand for them overseas as well,  marking a significant step in their journey thus far.

In catering to the unique needs of their clientele, another special feature available at Cozy Linen is their Bridal Registry.

The elegance, the intimacy and the vibrancy reverberating around the petite boutique makes you feel compelled to bring part of it back to your home. Cozy Linen is truly a place that inspires you to make your a home cosy one.

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