Hilton Colombo Residences celebrates Earth Hour

May 2017| 223 views

Earth Hour Celebrations at Hilton Colombo Residences

Earth Hour Celebrations at Hilton Colombo Residences

The Hilton Colombo Residences celebrated Earth Hour 2017, joining the global environmental movement. The hotel turned off lights that were not essential and used other sources such as candles to illuminate guest facing areas such as the lobby and restaurant. Guests were hosted with snacks as well as beverages by the poolside.

Joining a global initiative open to Hilton’s over 4,900 properties across 104 countries and territories, Hilton Colombo Residences took action to conserve energy and raise awareness on climate change in Sri Lanka.

In addition, the hotel has begun a recycle-friendly waste segregation process. Plastic water bottles have been replaced with glass bottles on certain floors and will be rolled out to the entire operation soon.

In 2015, Hilton and the WWF announced a multi-year commitment to collaborate on a water-stewardship strategy, expand sustainable seafood efforts, advance food waste efforts and also accelerate the adoption of renewable energy across the Hilton portfolio. On the World Water Day, Hilton announced its collaboration with WWF, for Hilton’s 2025 water commitment programme. The pledge will focus on the water management within its operations and the supply chain, as well as in communities and watersheds.

Hilton views sustainability as a key part of its business. Preserving the environment is a cornerstone and business imperative of Travel with Purpose, the Hilton’s corporate responsibility strategy to generate shared value for the Hilton team members, guests, business partners and communities.