The True Flavours of Siam

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The welcoming exterior of Siam House

The welcoming exterior of Siam House

Celebrating 24 years of utmost excellence, Siam House represents the very essence of Thai cuisine. Let your senses be delighted by the authentic fare from the land of smiles.

Words Tishani Sripathi | Photography  Menaka Aravinda

Enjoy the outdoors while having a delicious meal

Enjoy the outdoors while having a delicious meal

As you enter the thresholds of Siam House, you are transported to the exotic Kingdom of Siam. The atmosphere that is created by vibrant décor and soothing Thai music is a nod to the authentic flavours that diners are entreated to.

Within this elegant yet homey atmosphere, one can indulge in 126 mouthwatering dishes. In addition, Siam House’s diners are now treated to the comforting zests of Thai street food as the restaurant that introduced Thai cuisine to Sri Lanka over two decades ago, brings to its diners the Absolute Street Food Corner. Sizzles and spicy aromas will divert your attention to the inviting bamboo stall as you walk through the pretty, cosy garden. The smiling chef serves you the coveted flavours off the streets of Bangkok, from the succulent chicken satay to crispy vegetable spring rolls.

The kitchens headed by Thai Chefs – Sawan and Haris together with local assistants Chandana and Jaliya, since the beginning in 1993, salutes the original flavours that hail from the regions of Thailand. Thus, ingredients are both imported and also locally obtained to showcase the very essence of Siam House. Their attention to authenticity has even received the acclaim of the Government of Thailand with the official recognition from Thailand’s Department of Commerce.

Aubrey Perera, Food & Beverage Manager, Siam House says that they have built up a loyal customer base while leveraging on the dedication of their staff, most of who have been with the restaurant for 10 – 15 years. As such, on the one day of the year that Siam House does not function, May 1, the staff get-together is held. Their patrons, are the safe-keepers of the main restaurant menu, which Siam House is unable to change due to the patronisation of every dish. However, Siam House strives to provide diners something new. The next step for the restaurant will be a seafood display, where diners can select the fresh seafood of their own choice and watch as it transforms into one of their favourite dishes.

Their attention to authenticity has even received the acclaim of the Government of Thailand…

As much as 200 persons can be accommodated at Siam House. Diners are awarded the choice of sitting out in the garden, or on the verandahs, or even in the balcony. Others may choose to sit indoors, either on the ground floor or upper floor where there are three rooms for private dining. Along with the choice of a la carte, Siam House also offers the facilities of take away, delivery and even outdoor catering.

The friendliness from the land of smiles coupled with warm Island hospitality, at Siam House, you are treated to the best of Thai cuisine.                                                   

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