Beauty with a Purpose at Gandhara

June 2017| 439 views

Gandhara houses curios handpicked from across the world

“Art. Life. Inspiration.” is the theme that flows throughout Gandhara. With a fusion of antiquity and authenticity blended into each item, it unfolds elegance into the modern world.

Words Tishani Sripathi   |  Photographs Vishwathan Tharmakulasingham

Artistic creations to liven your home

Along Stratford Avenue one finds a cosy haven for the artistic soul; it’s a creative boutique that has defined the very identity of this suburban street. In a shaded spot gleams Gandhara Crafts and Artifacts, the inspiration that prompted Stratford Avenue to be transformed to Sri Lanka’s first ‘Art Street’.

To enter Gandhara, a house of artifacts and a lifestyle store, is to embrace the calming sense of beauty. Exquisite ornamental décor catches one’s eye immediately. The bright lit interior accentuates the lively and earthen pieces matched with care to create homely, tasteful living spaces. From centre pieces to designer lampshades, to stylish baubles and trinkets to embellish your living space, the collection exudes an aura of history and even mystery. Great works of art and photographs are displayed on the walls to create the maximum visual effect as well as ensure clients can envisage these pieces in their own interiors.

Gandhara strives to provide the complete interior solution, from the lounge and living room, to the bedroom, dining and study areas. Climbing up the wooden staircase onto each of the three floors is similar to transporting oneself into different types of living spaces. Collections that are an infusion of authentic antiques and modern day designs provide customer an experience like no other. Sensual lanterns and candles and modern lampshades will light up your home whilst every nook and cranny can be tastefully filled with the statues, masks and traditional ornaments.

Gandhara, is the pet project of Dian Gomes, an art enthusiast and also benefactor. The lifestyle store borrows its name from an ancient lost civilization in the Indus Valley and, just like the ancient Gandhara Kingdom, seeks to influence the creative arts and crafts landscape. Established in 2004 with a handful of artefacts to showcase Sri Lankan industries, Gandhara now provides luxurious and elegant living pieces from across the world. Collections include products handpicked by Gomes during his numerous travels overseas, and from countries such as Peru, Tibet, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Burma and parts of Africa. Through it all, the selection process at Gandhara keenly focuses on the quality of all the pieces.

A living space that is a daring mix of styles

Despite its expansion to display a collection inspired from across the globe, Gandhara does not forget its roots. The boutique continues to showcase local talents as well as the industries such as batik, cane, beeralu and timber ornaments. Gallery Red is a platform for local artists as well as for new talent.

A visit to Gandhara and iconic ‘Art Street’ where it is situated, will transform your notions of luxury living. Feel inspired to introduce the harmony of aesthetics into your living space.

28 Stratford Avenue, Colombo 6,
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