Cinnamon Lakeside serves a special Iftar buffet

June 2017| 340 views

The Iftar buffet includes many Middle Eastern delights

In lieu of the Ramazan period of fasting, the Cinnamon Lakeside is serving up a special Iftar buffet. Priced at 2,650 rupees nett, the grand buffet will be laid out at ‘The Dining Room’ from 6pm to 8pm daily. The buffet menu includes the customary dates and figs, faluda, chicken, beef and plain kanji, fresh juice, freshly cut fruits and mutton and vegetable samosas as well as other Middle Eastern cuisine favourites. Dishes such as lamb kofta, tuna puff and Arabic cold mezze are also part of the Iftar buffet offering. The buffet will also include action stations making a la minute chicken or lamb shawarma and falafel sandwiches.

Diners can also savour, Arabic desserts and sweets such as um ali, tumur bel nargine, sekanjabin, balah eshram marmul, the vanilla custard, phirni, shalab, mahalabiya and also basbousa. Reservations for the Iftar buffet can be made by contacting Cinnamon Lakeside.