‘God’s Secret Agent’ Spiritual Mine Fields Sprawl Across Paradise

July 2017| 721 views

“God’s Secret Agent – a Battle Against Dark Forces” is a delight for readers with the immortal quest of God versus devil, good versus bad. The book provides an entertaining as well as serious informative account of the mysteries of this tropical Island’s hidden secrets of occultism.

Book review by Susanne Loos-Jayawickreme

Herman Gunaratne, Author,
God’s Secret Agent

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it” – Martin Luther King Jr.

The eloquent, late President of the Island, J R Jayewardene sought the help of God’s Secret Agent Nissanka and so did many other Sri Lankans from all walks of life throughout the country. The planter couple, affluent surgeon and diligent founder of a tea company, just to name a few. They all had one thing in common; they were victims of devil worshipers to make their lives difficult, often unbearable. However, with the help of God these curses were broken, evil was crushed. 

Greed, hate, jealousy, rivalry, the power hunger, and other dark sides of their innermost drive people to seek the help of black magic, selling their souls for personal gain and the destruction of fellow human beings. The book gives breathtaking as well as thought provoking insights of how faith and the belief in God neutralise devil curses through the help of the Holy Spirit, Bible, the Cross, Holy Water and the Power of Prayer.

Herman Gunaratne’s fifth book starts with a captivating foreword written by Miles Young, the Warden of New College Oxford. Miles Young stimulates the reader sensitively to get even more curious about what is going to happen.

The following 12 chapters are a first person narrative and disclose dazzlingly the remarkable life story of Nissanka. Each chapter opens another arcane gate to the mysterious underworld, its influence and even control via cunning manipulation in the day to day life. The special kind of narrative is a unique mixture of eloquent, expressive and glowing illustration as one can only portray with first hand experience. Proven raconteur and a well-known author, Herman Gunaratne, takes the reader on a journey into a different world, the occult underworld of paradisiacal Sri Lanka.

The 225 pages are filled with colourful descriptions of the detailed rituals neutralising the dark powers. The sweet scent of jasmine, intense murmuring of Christian prayers by non Christians, expectant alertness, the secret preparations to invalidate the curses to finally find and dig up dark objects under the black cover of night and moon light shadow. Being the vivid story teller he is, Herman recounts his very own experiences with evil powers, because he emerges to be one of the close associates of God’s Secret Agent Nissanka.

Readers travel on kaleidoscopic journeys between Colombo, Kotmale, Weligama and Jaffna passing many spiritual mine fields surrounded by charms and chants. And finally an ambiguous short detour into ancient Sri Lanka, back to the times when King Vijaya betrayed his wife – tribal Princess Kuveni. According to the book, the curse of Princess Kuveni may affect the country and its people for all times. The book is filled with food for thought. To quote the author, “it is up to the reader to decide. Everything is possible.”

One has to consider whether to believe Nissanka’s story. It is beyond imagination what devil worshippers are capable of doing for greed, getting of other peoples’ possession and for desire. A very intriguing collection of true stories experienced by Herman, the book douses in the depths of dark abyss, catching glimpses of mysterious occult and experiencing the divine powers of Nissanka to defeat dark forces with the help of the Holy Spirit in the name of God. 

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”  – Albert Einstein.